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Talent Optimization PowerPoint Presentation

Talent Optimization PowerPoint Presentation

David Nast, CEO and Managing Partner of Nast Partners, a Predictive Index Certified Partner, assigned me design of their presentation on Talent Optimization and Return On Individuals. His feedback on the result:

'Not only was Miroslav's presentation exactly what we requested, he exceeded our expectations in every way, and he was so fast! Every update, every request, met with lightning speed and absolute perfection. Miroslav's work has helped take us to the next level with our presentations. I cannot recommend Miroslav highly enough- he does amazing work! Thank you, Miroslav for your hard work, expertise, and speedy response time.'

About Nast Partners

Empowering organizations to align around analytics, not opinions.

Are you guessing when you could be measuring? Guessing about your organization’s ability to execute strategy? Guessing how much a salesperson will sell against quota? Guessing how a candidate will impact team dynamics? Great instincts are invaluable, but they’re not enough. Here’s how to stop guessing. Nast Partners uses artificial intelligence, workforce analytics, and science backed data to help you to stop guessing and to erase bias in your talent and execution decisions.

Nast Partners empowers organizations to align around analytics, not opinions, to help businesses increase bottom-line profits and improve their ROI (Return on Individuals). We provide the analytics and support to help organizations achieve their goals. We deliver real-time data to uncover hidden vulnerabilities that cause problems and prevent teams from getting over the finish line.

Nast Partners has over 60 years of experience in Human Capital Management, Leadership Development, Talent Optimization, Executive Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Training, Talent Management, Executive Search, Talent Development, and Change Management. Our team is comprised of Award-Winning & ICF-Certified Coaches.

Nast Partners uses artificial intelligence, workforce analytics, and science-backed data to help businesses stop guessing and erase bias in their talent & execution decisions.
Nast Partners utilizes a scientifically validated management solution that integrates workforce analytics and human capital development for talent optimization. Our goal is to change the conversation about employee behavior in the workplace by helping leaders get discretionary effort from their employees: Moving those employees from the liability side of the balance sheet into the asset column because they are truly an investment, not an expense.

Nast Partners are trusted business advisors who provide the highest levels of applied experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and service. We engage with organizations for strategic execution development, talent optimization, leadership development, exit strategy preparation, succession planning, career pathing, sales team transformations, and strategic workforce planning.
Predict how much your salespeople will sell against quota

Do you run a sales team of more than 100? PreceptionPredict.ai is the cutting edge method to hire and select the best salespeople. Utilizing human-centered data-driven A.I. models built on insights from your organization’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately predict a team member’s expected future performance in the KPI’s that matter to you: Revenue generated, units sold, appointments scheduled before you hire them. We don’t replace your role in the hiring process, we simply empower you to make the best-informed decision.
Backed by nearly 70 years of science, Predictive Index is driven by people data. When business leaders measure people data, they’re empowered to make objective decisions rather than subjective ones. While it’s true that people are complex, that’s no excuse to just accept the status quo. With the right people data in hand, Predictive Index reveals the way people behave and interact in organizations is in fact predictable given the business context.
Predictive Index is a web-based solution that allows you to collect, analyze, and apply predictive data to your most critical business challenges on demand. We also offer robust integrations to industry-leading human resource information systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automate the process of applying workforce analytics more easily.
The Predictive Index Solution is not just an assessment; it is part of a philosophy that changes how companies think about talent.
People-related issues can tear at the fabric of a company, eating away at even the most solid foundation built on the best products or services. On the talent acquisition front, making a bad hire can cost you through potential earnings, replacement costs, ineffectiveness, or worse, as a drain on morale. From a management perspective, ineffective leadership can result in stagnant growth, bungled initiatives, and even corporate collapse. Attrition, team dysfunction, failed acquisitions or strategic initiatives, and lack of productivity are all directly attributable to lack of leadership, mismanagement of people, and/or not putting the right people in the right roles.


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