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UK TOP Technology Group PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

UK TOP Technology Group PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

Neal Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO of Panoply, one of UK’s TOP creative technology groups, assembled for innovation to solve complex business problems, assigned me the design of their company overview pitch deck. His feedback on the final result was brief but says it all: ‘That’s great!’

About Panoply

We are a digitally native technology services group, at the forefront of a growing market, focused on sustainable digital transformation and positive, purposeful organisational change.

We believe an increasingly complex world needs a new business model to achieve high impact outcomes for clients and their employees and more value for stakeholders.
We combine the dynamism and agility of smaller, expert teams with the scale to confidently address our clients’ most pressing needs as they navigate the rapidly changing nature of society and business.
FutureGov is a change agency, on a mission to design public services fit for the 21st century.
Using digital tools and design approaches of the digital age, we support health and public sector organisations through digital transformation and service design, to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.
Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with over 50 local authorities from Essex to Aberdeen; including Salford, North East Lincolnshire and Dorset Councils. We’re proud transformation partners with City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Homes England, helping build capacity to support 21st-century needs.
A foundry of Insights, Consulting and Delivery
foundry4 is a fresh new transformation business that works with organisations to help them thrive in the digital economy. Connecting insights, design, technology and data we accelerate growth and deliver sustainable change.
Combining the extensive technology and experience capabilities of NotBinary and Arthurly with the deep industry insight of DisruptionHub we help organisations across the private, public and health sectors to think differently and deliver more
We’re in an era of unprecedented change where the very fabric of society is being challenged.
From climate change to social mobility, to mass automation, we want to do the right thing for people, our communities and our environment.
We understand how important it is to have a workforce with different skills, perspectives and experiences.
Across the group, we are making sure that our workplaces are inclusive and supportive enough to attract the diversity of talent that will enable us to grow.
This year we undertook a baseline assessment to understand what the make-up of our business is and how we can do better. You can find our full results here.
We have set ourselves the targets below to achieve in our first 12 months. We will continue to measure, plan and improve our inclusivity policies until we are confident that we are achieving equality of opportunity at every level in the business.
One of the pillars of our Consistent Autonomy operating model is Culture of Cultures; we retain our individuality whilst delivering collectively. To enable this, we share a core set of values that inform and inspire those of our individual companies.


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