Kevin W. Massengill, Co-founder and CEO of Meraglim Holdings , assigned me the design their pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate th...

Capital Markets Predictive Analytics PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Capital Markets Predictive Analytics PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Kevin W. Massengill, Co-founder and CEO of Meraglim Holdings, assigned me the design their pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate the features of the revolutionary enterprise SAAS platform called Raven Predictive Analytics that disrupts existing predictive analytics by more accurately modeling capital markets using complex systems, augmented intelligence, and team science. His feedback on the final result:

‘I am very pleased to recommend Miroslav's work to your consideration. The presentation he created for us was amazing, quickly done, and very good value for money. So much so, we immediately sent him another assignment on receipt of the first.’

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