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Luxury Intimate Skincare Line PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Luxury Intimate Skincare Line PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Christine Marie Mason, Founder and CEO of the first luxury intimate skincare line, partnering with brands like Waldorf Astoria, assigned me the design of their investor pitch deck, which purpose was to attract financing for company’s global expansion.

About Rosebud

Intimate care products on the market have been limited to the theater of sexuality (designed for use with a sexual partner), or medicalized (designed for infections and acute medical issues). The few items that are available for wellness are targeted at mass market customers.
We deliver innovative, reverent intimate wellness products and information for all stages of a woman's life. Our flagship offerings are luxury vaginal and vulvar skincare formulations, with impeccable plant-derived ingredients. These are made for daily and specialty use, to meet the specific concerns and desires of women, and OBGYN-approved. The company upholds the highest standards for personal care with ecological and sustainable bases. Rosebud Woman is a family run, California-based company, with customers and retail partners in all 50 states.
We believe in women. We believe in the earth and in-plant wisdom. We exist to reduce suffering and create more joy. We offer products and information to support all of the cycles in a woman’s life: her lifecycle, her sexual cycle, her reproductive cycle, her seasonal cycle. We are a vehicle for respect for the feminine in the world.
Rosebud Woman was founded in 2017, after years of research into women's intimate care needs and formulations and solutions. At the end of 2018, we began selling our products online and eventually in stores.
Our founder, a yogi, tantrika, mother of 4 and grandmother, is also a tech founder and business leader. She says, "Rosebud Woman was created in response to a need to embrace and care for this part of our bodies, and to increase reverence for the feminine. Before Rosebud, intimate care products on the market were limited to the theater of sexuality (designed for use with a sexual partner), or medicalized (designed for infections and acute medical issues). We introduced a new category: intimate wellness for a woman's own benefit."
After extensive research, Rosebud Woman formulated four products to address the top concerns women have, and crafted content to support educating and inspiring women to rethink their own attitudes toward their bodies.
Our team shares common values and the right combination of experience in beauty, women's health, plant medicine, design, e-commerce women's advocacy, retail and marketing came together. Our scientists and chemists are leaders in independent skincare formulation, allopathic and alternative medicine. Our advisors are physicians and wellness professionals. Together, our commitment to feminine reverence has led us to create the best in intimate self-care.
It's all been much more than we could have imagined. In the process of evolving and learning, we became aware of the mass denial of the greater pelvic region and its care in conversation and culture, and committed to changing the conversation to one of transparency, play, self love, reverence, knowledge and enjoyment. We raised our eyes to a new prize: how could we channel resources to organizations acting for equity in the more difficult places in the gender equation at the same time? We also wanted to make sure we were building a business that was part of the planet. How could we make our products as organic and sustainably as possible?
By the end of 2019, we are happy to have customers in all 50 states, and of all ages and stages of life. Rosebud Woman can be found in some of the most prestigious retailers, independent beauty stores, spas, ob/gyn offices and more. We get amazing letters from women who love our products and tell us how much it has impacted them. We are embedded in a network of makers and creators and conveners who believe in women.
It's an honor and privilege to serve the message of loving all of you, from head to toe.



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