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UK Insurance Platform PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Insurance Platform PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

David Edwards, Founder and CEO of ChainThat, assigned me the design of company's Investor Pitch Deck, which purpose is to demonstrate the features and the advantages of their  insurance platform based on AI technology.

About ChainThat

Delivering on the promise of innovation so the global insurance market is empowered to move forward.
In 2015 ChainThat was formed with the express purpose of building a new technology enabled insurance industry that would improve market access, speed, innovation and data quality while substantially reducing cost.
With deep combined expertise in both insurance and technology, ChainThat’s founders, a team of insurance practitioners and technologists, architected a comprehensive digital market using distributed ledger technology and developed a pragmatic approach to engineering and implementing it. ChainThat’s ethos has always been to architect, engineer and prove solutions before bringing to market.
ChainThat Platform:
1.  Digitally Supported End to End Shared Core Processes:
Risk Placement
Settlement Obligations
Facility Management
2. A New Market Eco System
Faster and more efficient
Greater market access
Smart contracts that are always up to date
A completely secure and stable DLT platform
Significant reductions in frictional costs
Speeding up the innovation cycle
Enabling better business insight
3. Business Types
Insurance & Reinsurance
Property & Casualty
Direct, Facultative and Treaty
Focus on existing marketplaces (Business Hubs) to utilize the local  community to collaborate on driving adoption and support local regulation requirements and reporting
Once business hubs are established link hubs in a controlled fashion to support regulated risk transfer between different regulation zones.
Any party can be a member of multiple business hubs using the same node but joining multiple virtual business networks
Generate new sources of premium for a business hub by allowing access to the market via aggregator nodes (portals) to bring in new risk that could not be processed previously due to constraints on costs and resources.


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