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UK's TOP Live Streaming Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

UK's TOP Live Streaming Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

James Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Streaming Tank, UK’s market leader for streaming of live events, assigned me the design of company’s pitch deck.

About Streaming Tank:

Streaming Tank is a technology and digital media solution company that benefits directly from the rapid growth and innovation in the digital industry in general and streaming in particular.

Covering strategy, production, video streaming and interactive web development, Streaming Tank make their client’s events truly digital. We ensure that right audience experiences their content in the way they want them to.

Streaming Tank is a collective consisting of in-house talent and a network of technical creative partners across the world. It has produced, streamed and broadcast over 5,000 live events for its clients, pushing content to websites, mobile devices, apps, secure intranets, social media channels, out-of-home screens and more.

We are the streaming agency behind some of the most challenging and successful digital broadcasting campaigns ever undertaken. We have been leading the industry for many years, and have become a major driving force in event & experiential video production and delivery around the world. We are structured for global deployment and delivery of events and uses its own video streaming platform, STcast.

It has strong successful working relationships with all major social networks and is constantly working on new technologies and approaches to enhance the services it provides. It has built an impressive global network of expertise from creation through to local delivery, offering clients a unique solution. It has the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure to accomplish any challenge in broadcasting live content in all major formats and to all major devices.

Highlighted examples of successful live streams demonstrate a mixture of Return on Investment (“ROI”) models including advertising, sponsorship, webcast-related sales, and simple audience building such as gaining likes on a Facebook page. Employing a mixture of methods, many of these broadcasts not only generate revenue but rapidly build global audiences.

STcast is a simple ergonomic easy to use web-based online video platform and player. While capturing the traditional online video market place market with traditional features such as on-demand hosting transcoding the platform will be tailored to meet some of the specific needs live event and webcasting market place.

To accommodate this each video asset within the platform can be set up as an event; with a scheduled start time and duration, and the option to add features such as slides, chapters, presenter profiles and features such as polls and question submitted.

Once the user has configured the event they will be able to launch the webcast controller, a web page that allows them to control their live event, starting and stopping the event, or pushing changes such as polls, chapters and slides in real-time to the player.


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