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Security Technology Executive Summary Presentation


Cecilio Villeda, Founding Principal of NorthStar Security Holdings, assigned me the design of company's executive summary. His feedback:

'Our experience with Miroslav was great. We needed our presentation completed before the holidays. We contacted him a week before Christmas and he incredibly managed to deliver on time, with world class results. His work ethic and responsiveness is amazing. He is very affordable and you will have an infinite return, as the value is unmeasurable. He is truly an asset to everyone in his network.'

About NorthStar:

Our vision is to provide private security companies in the fragmented private security industry with leading edge practices and technologies in order to enhance their capabilities and to facilitate their accelerated growth. Our primary focus will be the following vertical markets: executive protection, commercial real-estate, residential, cooperate campuses, technology security etc.. The best security professionals will want to work with us because of who we are and what we represent in our respective communities. Resources will be better leveraged due to technologies.

Our objective is to execute an acquisition and development strategy that seeks to identify and optimize critical assets within the fragmented private security sector by way of enhancing operations and achieving high operating-margins with maximum cash flow. Increasing uncertain healthcare, political and social environments has resulted in significant demand for private security.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the “Defund the Police” movement has further increased security professionals’ desire to empower themselves and explore new alternatives to streamline and improve both the quality of the security and safety of the communities they serve. The time is ripe to set a new standard of quality service and innovation within the industry.

We are creating a unique culture combining a proactive and innovative approach towards implementing security operations and business processes, resulting in a reimagined interaction between work environment, guard productivity, technology implementation and customer experience.


Business Strategy

NorthStar will aggressively focus on providing state of the art training and will seek to proactively maintain exceptional standard operating procedures. We will actively solicit customer feedback and use it as a continuous improvement program. Equipping our security professionals with the best of practices, prioritizing safety and maintaining a free flow of information with our security professionals , will be a core operating principal. This system will allow NorthStar to attract top security talent.


NorthStar will expand and prioritize the integration of technology In its operations. Our focus will be to function as a one-stop solution. Public safety is our primordial purpose. Proactively identifying, preventing and mitigating threats makes remote video monitoring, drones and artificial intelligence imperative in this new normal. We will enhance our man-power with the most effective technology in order to provide un-matched service within the market-place.


By implementing computer software programs and GPS technology, we are now allowed to enhance management and customer satisfaction. Technology gives us the capability to leverage management by remotely managing staff through GPS and surveillance. We will   use GPS technology to increase transparency with our clients allowing them to locate and monitor guards through their smart phone or any device. We will use available software programs to efficiently enhance and streamline back office operations. CRMs, employee scheduling, taxes, employee certifications, payroll etc. will all be managed more efficiently and with less overhead.

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