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California leading cannabis company pitch deck


The management of TransCanna, a leading California cannabis brand, assigned me the design of their company pitch deck. Their feedback on the final result:

‘We appreciate the great work Miroslav did for our company. The communication and the responsiveness are great as well.’

About TransCanna:

TransCanna Holdings, through its wholly-owned California subsidiaries (collectively “TransCanna”), seeks to contribute to the cannabis industry as a strategic vertically integrated acquisition company. All of our efforts and investments are made with the mission of adding value and quality in the brands and processes we innovate, develop, and operate in the cannabis industry. We do not seek to maintain; we seek to GROW. We are committed to becoming the seed of change, and to establish ourselves as the highest source of quality in cannabis products, processes, distribution, and development.

TransCanna™ is growing rapidly, we are now scaling the company to leverage our vertically integrated cannabis facility in Modesto California. It will be one of the largest cannabis facilities in the State with access to over 39 million residents and 240 million visitors per year. Recently, the company acquired two California companies, a high-end edible producer Soldaze and a premium indoor cultivator and distributer Lyfted Farms. Combining one of the largest cannabis production facilities with the brands and management teams from these acquisitions will make TransCanna™ a major opportunity for investors and partners alike.

For years, California dispensaries have been demanding fresh, high-quality cannabis. Until now, nobody has been able to supply what they need. Supplying California’s vast geographic area while navigating its state regulations has proven a barrier for out of state companies. TransCanna aims to change that. With a 196,000 square foot manufacturing and production facility and a solid distribution strategy, it is poised to serve the world’s largest cannabis market effectively. From there, the company will expand to all of North America and then full global operations.

The TransCanna™ difference

Through the acquisition of Lyfted Farms we have gained a team of skilled, brand focused artisans, led by Bob Blink, who have the expertise and industry knowledge needed to sustainably scale our operations in the largest cannabis market in North America.


We employ sustainable growing techniques with perfected-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Our goal is to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and finest quality.


Our 196,000 sq. ft. facility has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that each step of the manufacturing process is done in a hyper-controlled environment as to not compromise the quality and consistency of our finished products.


Being centrally located in the biggest cannabis market in North America means that our products get to market in a timely manner maintaining their freshness and quality which is key to building brand loyalty with consumers and retailers.

Crop management

A growing revenue stream. Benefiting cannabis farming operations by tapping into our expertise in genetics, cultivation, integrated pest management, marketing, and conversion of crops into cash. Fees are assessed based on the level of activity and engagement required at each farm. Our custom farming agreements tailored to fit the needs of individual farms, assuring high quality cannabis flower for our supply chain.

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