How To Register A Trademark For Business Name Legally?

How To Register A Trademark For Business Name Legally?


Once the new business is starting out, the very next step for the business is usually to create a company name with the original intention in mind. The company name shows how you talk about your company and describe it. More importantly, your potential customers will recognize you first if you get a prominent and an easy-to-remember name. The company name is the cornerstone of the brand and identity of the target audience you want to reach. It is very likely that you will work hard to establish the brand in terms of product or service quality. Therefore, it is very important to operate and protect brand value by registering the company name as a trademark.
It is also important to keep in mind that your brand is very valuable to your business. Your trademark means protecting your reputation and business reputation as a service provider and company. Your company is different from other companies, even if they sell the same products. The meaning of this difference lies in your brand. What you need to do is to stand out from the crowd and let customers choose you. This is why protecting yourself with a trademark is so important, so that the consumers don’t get lost and buy products from some another brand thinking it is you.

Why Are Trademarks and Copyrights So Important?

If you have already created a website for your business, the next step is to get a name and a logo for your company. At this time, you will need to register a trademark and copyright, as this will protect your logo and name from violation. You need to ensure that you are protecting your intellectual property rights and that your creativity and logo have not been stolen by another company. This is the basic idea behind trademarks and copyright.
Copyright and trademarks are a great way to protect your original ideas from being used by others. Undoubtedly, this is the most important benefit they provide you. Whenever you use your trademark to identify the source of a product or service in business, people will identify your company here. It is a valuable commodity and a very operative communication tool that can immediately convey your corporate image and the services or products you provide to customers.

How to Apply for a Trademark Legally

Before filing trademark registration for a name of your company, please research the trademark to ensure that no one else is using a similar trademark. You can do this with a tool called TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System), which can be found on the official website of the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Performing a trademark search in the TESS database is crucial because it helps to identify potential conflicts with another company’s current or pending trademarks. This is also important because it will save you money spent on admissions applications. The application is very similar to an existing trademark and may be rejected. Please note that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not seek conflicting trademarks before submitting your application.

The Review Period

After submitting your request, the USPTO attorney takes some time before responding to your request, assessing its completeness and investigating potential conflicts. The lawyer can then make a formal request to explain the reason for the rejection, or agree to publish the trademark registration in the official gazette. Similarly, the TARR database can be used to track the progress of your own trademark application. Generally, registering a trademark or service mark is long and a complex task, and it may take six months to several years. Be patient, careful and responsive at every step to minimize unnecessary delays.


Registering a trademark of your company name is an important step in developing your business. It’s more than just a conventionalism – it fortifies your sole claim to the success you’re trying to attain. It is also important to remember that applying for trademark registration is a legal process governed by US law. Before getting into this complex situation, you can hire a trademark attorney to assist you. The whole process may take several months to a year.

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