What Is a Content Gap Analysis And How to Do it?

What Is a Content Gap Analysis And How to Do it?

In this hyper-connected world that runs on the fuel of content, every business should take their content creation and marketing strategy seriously. With more than 4 million content pieces being published daily, it is not easy to rank the content and get a higher RoI.

Business owners need to have certain strategies and techniques that will help them make their content performance efficient and consistent. In this article, we will talk about an advanced content strategy that will help you create more valuable content and bring more audience to your site.

Content gap analysis is a smart content analysis technique, done by an expert SEO reseller. It gives you an insight about what are the important content that is missing from your website and what your competitors might have. Along with this, it also tells you about the gap in the missing content on your site that your potential customers may be searching online.

What exactly is a content gap analysis?

Content gap analysis is a straightforward method of detecting the missing articles or blogs on your existing content ecosystem. It's important to have a content gap analysis as it tells you about what is the exact content that people are searching for online vs the content you already have.

In content analysis gap analysis, you generally perform a comprehensive search about what are the queries the potential customers are searching for. Along with this, you also dig down into competitor's content and check how much they are covering. So, after knowing this, let's jump into quick steps to conduct a robust content gap analysis and optimize your content creation strategy. 

Mapping the buyers' journey:

You need to understand the entire buyer's journey to bring out more relevant questions for your content. For example, before purchasing a new phone, we search for multiples questions and they are related to different aspects of the phone. A user will search multiple questions about the phone's display, battery, camera, performance, and so on.

To make your content as rich as possible, you need to cover as many as possible small and big questions that your potential customers are searching for. You might find a couple of questions on the Internet and on the other hand, you need to churn them out by yourself. 

Check out customers' review

No matter if you are into a product selling a business or a service business, you should have a section where customers can post their reviews. This is a goldmine for doing a content gap analysis. From a review or rating section, you will find all the queries, complaints, and compliments about what you are selling.

You will find a lot of questions from your customers that you would have never thought of coming. You need to take such relevant questions and create content from them. Once you create such content pieces, you will automatically start getting traction from the users and the type of content will also rank higher. 

Improvise your keyword research

In this keyword research work, you need to perform both the competitive analysis and a general overview on the Internet. You will find a lot of solid insights about your content gap. If your competitor has some content that your website is missing, it's time to do better than them.

Focus more on long-term keyword research as most time, a user will type a long-form query to get an exact answer to the question. While creating content to 'fill the gap', these long-tail keywords will help you gain an edge over the others. You can use a good SEO tool for performing a competitive keyword analysis.

Review your existing content

The last but the most prominent step is to keep a track of your website and check how the existing content is performing. Make a list of all the blogs, and web pages. Then begin checking which the content pieces that are generating higher traffic are. On the other hand, also prepare a list of articles that are not performing well and have higher bounce rates.

After this, first, update all the content pieces that are bringing more traffic to your site. Make sure you update all the stats and time-sensitive information if needed. By doing this, the bots will scan the content pieces again and it will give a boost in rankings.

On the other hand, you need to fix the content pieces that have a higher bounce rate. You need to evaluate why the pages are having a higher bounce rate as there could be several reasons behind it. Fix those content pieces as soon as possible to ensure those pages will also staring bringing more traffic.

So, if you were not conducting a content gap analysis, then it's high time to get started with it. This smart content analysis technique will help you improve both sales and traffic to your site.

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