How Can You Take Home Loan During Your 60’s?

Home Loan
It is better to be late than never trying to fulfill a dream. Buying a home is one such dream that is always possible, provided we put in the required efforts. Most people face various situations and responsibilities due to which their dream of owning a home falls behind for later. But they always wish to own one even in their 60s. Let’s put this to action with the following information on how we can take a home loan during our 60s. Checkout the latest housing scheme , compare and choose the best.

Influencing Factors
The 60s is the age of retirement which means procuring a loan is slightly tricky but not impossible. Considering the maximum age limit of 70 years for loan repayment, we need to be wholly thorough with every bit of information before proceeding with the loan processing. Here are some factors influencing the loan’s sanction:
●    Age: It is the most crucial factor as we only have ten years to repay the loan in full. The sanctioned amount is also less than usual. We best apply for a loan as soon as we retire, considering this limitation.
●    Income: Proper income source is one of the necessities for home loans. Rental income is more worthy than pensions in this case. Banks and lenders rely more on the revenue through rents over the annuities from offices.

We need to be clear with the following aspects apart from the influential factors listed above before beginning the loan procedure.
Approval Chances
We already mentioned that it isn’t easy for us to obtain a loan in the 60s. We will neither have enough time to repay the loan nor have appropriate income sources. Here, we can apply for a joint loan wherein the co-applicant has a stable income. Family members are the co-applicants in most cases. We could use the woman family members to cut the interest rates short.
Watch your fixed obligation to income ratio (FOIR). It is the ratio of the income w.r.t financial obligations. We have to be careful with this ratio as it is an assurance of our repayment capabilities. 

Affordable EMIs
Limited income sources are significant obstacles to loan approval. Poorly calculated EMIs can worsen the scenarios. Try using EMI calculators to adjust the loan tenures based on the interest rate and the amount. Choose an affordable EMI so that it would be easier to pay the installments every month.

Credit Score and Outstanding Loans
We know how crucial the credit score is to obtain loans. Bad credit scores eliminate all the available chances of loan approval. Maintain a good score for easy loan approvals. Loans reduce our credit points whenever we apply for them. Also, try clearing all the loans on time to maintain the excellence of the credit report. It is best to clear off all the existing loans before applying for a home loan to have maximum approval chances. 

LTV Ratio:
Loan to Value is the ratio of the loan offered against the market value of the property. Opting for lower LTV is an excellent way to improve the approval chances. But we need to invest more in those cases. The loan amount reduces but, our investment increases significantly. It is best to go with lower LTV ratios since the EMIs are relatively low due to lesser loan amounts.

Loan Processing
We can start the home loan process once the considerations, limitations, and liabilities are clear. Begin by comparing various banks and pick the suitable one. Check the schemes, benefits, tenure, interest rates, LTV, and other relevant factors for each bank and reach an appropriate conclusion. Pick a bank that meets most of your requirements and the most convenient for you.
Applying at the earliest is the best way to get a home loan approved in the 60s. But that doesn’t mean late applications lead to rejection. Keep all the factors mentioned above in mind to understand how to go about and start the process. The banks initiate the loan processing once we fill in all the required details and submit the relevant documents. We can rest assured if most of the factors listed above are proper and fulfill our dream soon.

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