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Venture Partners Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation

Venture Partners Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation

The management of High Water Venture Partners, a UAE based company, applied to me with the request to design their corporate presentation.

About High Water Venture Partners:

High Water is a venture capital firm leveraging an exclusive inner-circle US network to invest in hard-to-access US early-stage deals, alongside other successful and strategic top-tier VC firms, family offices, and individuals, for the benefit of the UAE and MENA economies.

High Water, through its deep-rooted inner-circle network, provides access to top-tier US deals for the benefit of the Abu Dhabi ecosystem.

Leading edge team

A diversity of skills from physical sciences PhD to finance specialist. The team has worked together for 5 years.

Access to an inner-circle of the highest quality deals

Access to over-subscribed deals, alongside top-tier US VC investors such as:

•    Sequoia

•    TPG

•    Raine

•    Alan Patricof

•    Eric Schmidt

•    Access to an inner-circle of

•    the highest quality deals

•    Access to over-subscribed deals, alongside top-tier US VC investors such as:

•    Sequoia

•    TPG

•    Raine

•    Alan Patricof

•    Eric Schmidt

Ability to tap into a fast-growing market for secondary sale of Venture Capital portfolio company stakes.

Proven strategy

Sourcing top-tier deals through our network, in sectors driven by unstoppable technological and societal trends

Strategic expansion and co-investment opportunities

We offer high-value co-investment opportunities for our investors

Family office founders

Family office mindset: shepherds of capital; Wasserstein (New York) and Al Fahim (Abu Dhabi) families. We understand the role of venture capital allocation in diversifying investor portfolios and providing early insights into disruptions of family businesses and access to adjacent growth opportunities.

Best-in-class performance 12 investments by the team since 2015, institutional-level due diligence.

Attractive returns: MOIC 3.4x, IRR 41%

We use an institutional level best-practice investment process


•    Character & track record of the team

•    Fit with High Water sectors

•    Degree of innovation

•    Founder valuation expectation

Deep-Dive Analysis

•    Competitive Landscape

•    Market sizing

•    Team’s potential for execution and delivery

•    High-level and detailed financial forecasts

•    Barriers to entry

•    Customer calls

Network Analysis

•    Co-investor’s due diligence and validation work

•    Follow on capital potential

•    Assessment of co-investor’s strategic leverage potential

Term Sheet

•    Shareholder protections

•    Valuation considerations

•    Appropriate internal incentive structures

Investment Memorandum

•    Investment thesis

•    Detailed analysis of findings

•    Consultation with Limited Partners

•    Sizing of investment and fit with the overall portfolio

Investment Committee Decision

•    Needs to be unanimous  

•    Investment Committee memorandum documentation

We leverage our inner-circle network to obtain high quality deals and competitively differentiated information to benefit our investors, while managing our risk through diversification and staging.