Professional PowerPoint design of startup pitch decks and business presentations


Video Recruitment Platform Investor Pitch Deck

Andy Simpson, the Co-founder of Hinterview, the #1 platform for video recruitment, assigned me as a freelance powerpoint designer the revamp of their investor pitch deck. His feedback on the final result:

‘Thanks Miroslav, looks great! Very pleased.’

About Hinterview:
Engage and present top candidates, win better business and recruit more efficiently.
Recruitment has changed forever. Stay ahead of the competition with our world-class video platform built for recruitment.
The suite of world-class video tools:
Your one-way video engagement tool
The competition to engage with clients and candidates is higher than ever. Use Hintro to win more clients, develop existing clients, present new candidates, and increase application rates.
Say goodbye to text-heavy emails!
•    Introduce yourself to candidates and clients with a personalised video message.
•    Develop stronger client relationships with personal, engaging touchpoints.
•    Quickly and easily create and share sales and marketing videos to promote your brand, or latest vacancy, across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn.
Easily trim, add subtitles, bookmarks, thumbnails and documents (like a CV) without any specialist video editing skills.
Your world-class candidate presentation and interviewing tool
Bring candidates to life through video presentation and offer a faster, superior selection process for hiring managers.
Streamline your recruitment processes
•    Interview candidates in one click, with no need for downloads or logins.
•    Present candidates to clients quickly and effectively, in a format that suits them.
•    Conduct and record first stage interviews on behalf of your client.
•    Streamline the recruitment process , enabling quicker feedback and better selection for your clients.
Our dual-consent technology means that all platform activity is 100% GDPR-compliant. Hassle-free recording means that everything is stored in one place, for easy sharing and tracking with clients.
Assess cultural fit and skills
Let your hiring managers quickly assess qualities like cultural fit, technical skills and communication skills, increasing your placement rates.