How to make an effective communication plan?

effective communication plan

The communication plan: what is it for?

What is a communication plan?

The communication plan is a short, medium, or long-term communication schedule. It allows you to organize the publications you want to share on the company's social networks, your personal profiles, or any other type of internal and external communication.
The number of communication tools has increased considerably and the competition is fierce, without a solid communication plan you will not be able to organize yourself and maximize the impact of your content.

Why is the communication plan important?

Communication requires a lot of rigor to obtain real results, whether in terms of visibility or to create a qualified audience.

Many companies use social networks to make themselves known and/or work on their brand image without defining a real communication axis and the associated communication plan.


Today it goes well beyond the simple fact of making oneself known and working on one's brand image. Digital marketing in 2021 uses marketing concepts that require a real effort of production and the creation of added value. How to create a Wikipedia page for your business whatever your digital marketing strategy, you need to feed it with social media to generate traffic and opportunities. We have made you a short video guide to gain height on digital marketing and understand how to set up an effective strategy (sorry, we did not have the budget for real actors…).

What are the different possible channels for your communication plan?

What is a communication channel?

We tend to confuse a communication medium and a communication channel. It is important to distinguish between the two in order to carry out your communication plan and reach your target audience. We will come back to it right after!
The communication medium corresponds to the means by which a message can be conveyed from the sender to his audience: computer, phone, tablet, connected watch, etc.
A communication channel corresponds to the “routes” taken to transmit your message from one medium to another:

  • Social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ...
  • E-mails
  • sponsored posts
  • The specialized press
  • The blog
  • SMS
  • ...

Let's take an example:

When a company communicates it will use a medium: a computer.

Its target mainly uses a cell phone.

The company with its computer will go through different communication channels (social networks, e-mails, SMS, etc.) to be able to reach its target on its mobile phone. It is important to take into account the communication medium used mainly by its target, but to reach it is indeed the right communication channel that must be identified!

The different communication channels

There are several communication channels classified into two categories: the media and the non-media. This classification is no longer as precise as before, social networks tend to be able to make everything “media”, and it has the merit of presenting you the universe of possibilities in terms of communication.

Media communication includes:

  • television
  • the radio
  • the press: regional written press (QPR), weeklies, monthly magazines, specialized magazines, 
  • press releases
  • display
  • cinema: advertising spot before the start of the film and/or product placements
  • Internet: It can be classified in the media because it includes different vectors of communication such as social networks, newsletters, ads…


  • Sponsorship: It is financial or material support provided to an event or an individual by a partner or an advertiser in exchange for advertising space on an event and/or objects.
  • Patronage: Financial support or logistical or human assistance provided to a cause
  • promotional items
  • Street marketing: communication actions carried out in the street.
  • Example: human table football organized by NIKE before the start of the Champions League
  • public relations: These are the events communication actions that aim to promote the image of the company and / the services to an important and/or influential public (political, administrative, opinion leaders ...) in the form of company visits, open days, congresses, conferences, lobbying, exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions, consumer services, newsletters ...
  • Event communication: exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, open days ...
  • Internet: It can also be part of non-media because it does not use the same media communication techniques mentioned above.

How to choose the right communication channel?

To choose your communication channel well, you must deepen your knowledge of your target by modeling your personas.
If you don't have perfect control over your persona, your communication will not be effective. Without a minimum of knowledge about the behavioral habits of your target, you will not be able to identify the communication media used Wiki writers and you will not choose the right communication channels.
For example: If your target is traveling on public transport they are more likely to use their cell phone than to be in front of the television. You are therefore not going to arrange for TV commercials during these transport hours. No.

You prefer e-mails or sponsored posts (or that good old poster in the corridors of the metro, old school but terribly effective!).

Depending on their behavioral habits, you will also be able to identify the appropriate hours to communicate.

Do you understand the interest?

To choose your communication channels well, I strongly advise you to deepen your knowledge of your target. This is an essential point that you must work on when creating a communication strategy.

There is no point in carrying out a communication plan if you have not defined your strategy and your communication objectives upstream and work on your personas!

To help you we have created a ready-to-use communication plan template for LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and the Podcast!

Create a communication plan

Make a good communication plan: prerequisite

Create a communication strategy

You understood it from the paragraph above, establishing a communication strategy is essential to create a good communication plan.
In our article, we explain all the steps to follow to define the bases of your strategy, establish your creative strategy, and how to make a good copy strategy.
If these terms are fuzzy, you know what you have to do: read the article to establish a communication strategy.

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