What Change Managers Need To Know About DEI

DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is a term that is utilised to describe policies and programs that encourage participation and representation from a diverse set of people, meaning people of different ethnicities and races, genders, cultures, religions, disabilities and abilities, and sexual orientations. This has taken centre stage in the workplace, as employees simply must work to generate a meaningful change in spite of the history of injustice that has resulted in marginalised, underrepresented groups within the work environment. As a consequence, this is something that change managers need to consider when putting together project teams and making outside hires. Read on to discover more to discover what you need to know about DEI in change management.

Change managers need to ensure that they include these individuals and that they are given equity. It is imperative that not only do individuals from minority groups have a role within the team, but that they have the same opportunities as others. They should have the same ability to contribute and the same ability to get promoted. This is imperative in ensuring that your team has the best chance of success; it should be one that is formed on the principle that all individuals can thrive professionally and personally. 

Why diversity matters to your team?

From a business standpoint, various points-of-view and perspectives directly impact the end product, i.e. how it functions, who it serves, and how it’s made. When it comes to making impactful changes, more perspectives ensure a better end result. Individuals from diverse backgrounds with different life experiences will be able to provide a fresh perspective that will enable you to enhance and refine the process. If you have diverse voices in your team who are driving the change that businesses are working toward, and every individual has the chance to be challenged, the sky is the limit.

Diversity contributes to a level of innovation

Individuals bring a fresh framework to the job that gives them the ability to approach issues in a different manner and put forward unique solutions. The more diverse voices within your company, the better your outcomes are going to be, purely from a change management standpoint. If we provide people with equitable opportunity to have employment with passion and purpose, not only can your team do great things, but society will be able to do great things as well, and this is what DEI is all about.

So there you have it: an inside into DEI and what this means for change managers. As a change manager, you need to ensure that you include people from all backgrounds and cultures, and they are being given the same chances and opportunity to contribute to the projects that you work on. This is simply critical when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful change management team. If this is something you need further assistance with, it is worth hiring a reputable change management consultant who can assist you in putting a DEI policy in place.

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