The Management of LayerCake Properties assigned me the design of their PowerPoint investor pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate their...

Cannabis Real Estate PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Cannabis real estate PowerPoint investor pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate a unique approach for marijuana farms vertical management.

The Management of LayerCake Properties assigned me the design of their PowerPoint investor pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate their unique approach for cannabis farms vertical management.

Corporate and sales presentations can be a daunting task for any PowerPoint corporate presentation designer. Business owners know full well that such presentations require a minimum of four or more slides to fully explain and make a professional impression. Such presentations are not only made for business purposes; they are also used during investor presentations, during board meetings, during seminars, during product launch events, and even during wedding ceremonies!

For anyone who is tasked with the responsibility of making corporate or sales presentations, he or she will quickly become familiar with the importance of presentation slide layouts. A badly presented PowerPoint can be disastrous for a business, can lower the company's reputation in the market, and can even have legal ramifications if it is shown in court. In order for any presentation to be effective and successful, there must be an effective layout, and a layout that are made by a professional PowerPoint designer. A freelance PowerPoint designer cannot do the job well because his or her job is so much more complex than just presenting slides. For one, the PowerPoint slides should be professionally designed and well thought out.

This is where a template comes into play! A template allows a PowerPoint layout designer to focus on the layout of the presentation and not have to worry about all the minutiae of the presentation layout. It also allows the layout designer to save countless amounts of time and money on making each and every presentation since there is already an already laid out design for the template. Thus, templates allow for greater production quality while saving a company a lot of money.

There are many corporate presentation software packages out there for a fee. While some are more advanced and require training to use, some are basic and only require the user to log into the system and begin making a presentation. The basic package usually only requires that the user download and install PowerPoint onto their computer. Then, the user simply needs to log in to the corporate PowerPoint account and customize their PowerPoint interface to their liking.

If a user desires more options and customization, then they may want to consider a paid upgrade to their corporate presentation package. This way, users can choose from a multitude of different PowerPoint themes and colors. They can even have their PowerPoint presentations displayed in a specific background color if they so desire! They can change the fonts, the backgrounds, and the styles of the buttons, the borders, and other graphics on a template as they see fit. This gives the user much more freedom in customizing their corporate presentation to meet their exact needs.

There are many advantages to using a template for your corporate presentation. One of the most common reasons why companies utilize a template for their corporate communication is because it can simplify the process of creating a corporate presentation for a wide variety of audiences. By only having to change the PowerPoint presentation background and toolbar, the presentation can be created quickly and produced for a large audience with minimal effort. Because the template already contains all of the elements that will be used in the corporate presentation, the process of reviewing it for content, style, and tone, and then inserting the content into the presentation are simplified. There are no added steps or calculations that would need to be done by hand, which means that production time is reduced dramatically.

Because templates are relatively simple to use and customize, they are an ideal choice for a corporate presentation. PowerPoint is a simple program to learn and it allows for plenty of customization, which is one of the reasons that so many people prefer to use templates for their corporate communication. Since PowerPoint uses a slide-show format for presenting information, there is not a lot of space on the screen to present information that is too lengthy or complex. A template can be easily adapted to the needs of the individual speaker and the content can be easily inserted into the presentation without requiring a second introduction.

In addition to saving production time, templates for corporate presentations also save the company money since the presenter doesn't have to pay to create the PowerPoint presentation on his own. The presentation can be completed in a single afternoon without having to hire a new presenter. If the company produces several corporate presentations during the year, then using a template is a great way to keep the cost down. In some cases, it may even be more cost effective than hiring a new presenter.