Snorre Eliassen, the founder of Panthera Senior Living, assigned me the design of company’s executive summary PowerPoint presentation that...

Senior Living Executive Summary PowerPoint Presentation

Senior Living Executive Summary PowerPoint Presentation  that demonstrates future plans for establishing of facilities for health care of seniors.


Snorre Eliassen, the founder of Panthera Senior Living, assigned me the design of company’s executive summary PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates their future plans for establishing of facilities for health care of seniors.

If you own a non-profit that is looking for ways to raise funds, a PowerPoint fundraising pitch deck can be a valuable asset. It can introduce your group to potential donors and present your mission and goals in an appealing manner. A well-designed PowerPoint presentation can even put your volunteers at ease during face-to-face meetings with prospective supporters. But how do you choose the best PowerPoint design for your fundraiser? Here are three tips:

Choose a template that matches your fundraising goal. When designing your pitch, consider the ultimate purpose of your fundraiser: To raise money. Make sure that the graphic design matches the overall feel of your campaign, as well as your message. For example, if you're attempting to raise funds for a women's health center, you might want to use a colorful background and a sleek layout with a focus on the mission of your organization.

Choose cards that inspire. If your fundraiser is focused on a specific social cause, you'll likely want to use graphics that illustrate the theme. Look for cards with graphic illustrations of cancer cells, the human body or other medical terms. Graphics also make great additions to thank you cards. Make sure that the text on these cards aligns with the images.

Think about colors. Bright, bold colors tend to stimulate a lot of visual response from people. These colors also create a sense of urgency, since they draw people's attention to the cards' central message. Try using cards with red, blue, yellow, and orange shades, as these colors can be eye-catching and can get people's attention.

Hire a professional graphic designer. A professional graphic designer can create a professional PowerPoint presentation. He or she will also be able to recommend ideas that will enhance the pitch. Consider contracting out this service if the budget is tight.

Design the cards. Your graphic designer can put together the cards in a number of ways. You may decide to make a custom design, or you might consider pre-made templates that are easily shared among your team members. It's important to remember that the cards you create should represent your organization effectively. If you have no graphic designer in your group, you can print them yourself with the help of a PC or a printer.

Use clipart. In PowerPoint, there are many types of clip art that you can use to design your cards. You should choose the ones that best illustrate your message. For example, if you're trying to raise funds for an environmental organization, you could use photos of endangered animals, or scenic scenes with waterfalls or other natural elements. If you want to promote a school, you can include photos of faculty and students in uniform.

The final step is to design the layout of the cards. Depending on your needs, you can create them in a simple two-page spread or a three-page spread. However, keep in mind that it's a good idea to allow for some space between the front cover and the back of the card so that readers can easily get a glance at the information on the card. It's also a good idea to use larger fonts and larger graphics on your cards so that they will be easier to read. Your graphic designer will be able to help you in this area as well.

There are two basic types of cards that you can use in your PowerPoint fundraiser. First, there are card stock cards. These cards are less expensive than their laminated counterparts and keep better detail. They are less likely to have errors, but they are not as durable as their laminated counterparts. You can choose between regular cards and photo cards. Regular cards tend to be more professional in appearance and are used for presentation at social gatherings.

If you'd like a bit of fun with your PowerPoint cards, you can design them using a template. This template can be found online and can be printed and used by you or a graphic designer to come up with your own cards. You can have one on hand all throughout the fundraiser. Just be sure to have a copy for every attendee when they arrive at the event. If you're selling tickets for the event, you can give each attendee a tab card with the tab for the proceeds of the sales. Then when everyone goes home, they can collect their money from their card.

It's important that you have a variety of cards available so that you can give presentations to as many people as possible. You can have a single layout for each attendee and switch them out as the event progresses. The graphic designer will probably want to create some extras on top of the cards for the event so that you can change out your PowerPoint cards as the fundraiser progresses. This is a great way to save money by designing everything yourself instead of hiring a graphic designer. Talk with your graphic designer about how many extra cards you can have made as the fundraiser goes on.