Lynn Greenberg, an extraordinary featured on Forbes entrepreneur and Founder of Pivt, the mobile app designed to reduce churn and improve th...

Mobile Application PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

PowerPoint investor pitch deck for mobile application designed to reduce churn and improve the well-being of relocated, remote and transient employees
Lynn Greenberg, an extraordinary featured on Forbes entrepreneur and Founder of Pivt, the mobile app designed to reduce churn and improve the well-being of relocated, remote, and transient employees, assigned me the design of the company’s PowerPoint Series A investor pitch deck. 

Her feedback on the final result:

‘Miroslav did a few pitch decks for my company and we were always very impressed. He is very responsive, timely, and talented.’


PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentations for fundraising. A well-made PowerPoint presentation can help your fundraising efforts a lot, especially if you have a limited budget and you are trying hard to raise enough funds to cover your projects. However, creating an impressive PowerPoint presentation is not as easy as some people think it is. There are many technical problems and stumbling blocks that could potentially derail your efforts to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization. To avoid these potential errors and risks, you need to find a professional PowerPoint design and web designer who will be able to create a high quality presentation for you using modern technology.

Why do you need a professional PowerPoint design and web designer? This is because PowerPoint is a complicated tool and to properly use it, you need to have training and skills in order to do it effectively. In particular, creating a PowerPoint presentation is a powerful promotional tool, as it helps persuade your potential donors and volunteers to support your cause. Unfortunately, this tool can also turn off many people, especially those who are not computer-savvy and might not be able to follow what your presentation is all about. If you want your fundraising efforts to go over without a hitch, then you definitely need to hire a professional PowerPoint designer. Below are some common reasons why you should hire a professional PowerPoint service:

Helps Establish Good Relationships - If you have a non-profit group, it is obvious that there are people from different backgrounds. As such, it would be impractical for you to try to create a presentation that would appeal to everyone. In such cases, hiring a professional will ensure that all your potential donors and volunteers understand who you are and what you are trying to achieve. The benefit of hiring a professional is that they know how to properly convey their messages and that they are familiar with effective PowerPoint layout. This way, your audience will be able to understand the content of your presentation in a glance, thus, helping you create a solid bond with your audience.

Introduces Controversial Issues - Since most people use PowerPoint on a daily basis, it is important that you make sure your presentation includes topics that may stir up some controversy. In the past, controversial issues like the Enron disaster are used as effective tools to raise awareness. It would certainly be difficult to attend a fundraiser without some attendees criticizing your methods. Hiring a professional could make your audience appreciate the importance of an effective fundraiser and the hard work you put into it. In fact, they could even recommend potential changes to improve the effectiveness of your fundraiser.

Introduces Potentially Difficult Topics - Sometimes, you cannot avoid tackling some complex issues that your audience may not understand. In order to avoid confusing your audience, professional designers from companies such as PowerPoint Cupboard make it easy for you to cover such issues. You could easily explain how fees charged by a nonprofit organization differ from those charged by an insurance company. Alternatively, you could explain why your organization could not afford to accept the grant offered by the government. These are just two issues that would make your audience take pause and think.

Gets Your Audience Interested - Even if your PowerPoint presentation has many interesting facts and figures, it is important that the information you provide should be enough to get your audience's attention. This is because most people view presentations with a dry eye. A badly made PowerPoint presentation would fail to convince your audience of the importance of a given issue. Therefore, it is important that professional PowerPoint designers from companies like PowerPoint Cupboard ensure that their designs and presentations are eye-catching. This will not only help you draw in more guests to your fundraiser but will also help you retain the attention of your audience.

Uses Proper Cautionary Mindset - Since your audience is likely to be professionals who have plenty of experience dealing with similar situations, you should make sure you do not cause them any confusion while presenting your fundraiser's fundraiser idea. While making a presentation, you should make use of professional PowerPoint design software which can help you create eye-catching designs. However, do remember to make the presentation as simple as possible. Do not try to add too many effects and visual cues to your presentation. Remember that your goal is not to impress your audience but to inform them of the problem you are trying to solve through your project.

Lay Down the Foundation - Before starting off with your PowerPoint presentation, make sure you have laid down the necessary foundation. This includes ensuring that all the facts and figures are properly mentioned and that your audience is able to understand the points you are going to make in your presentation. Remember that you can even include a slide showing some testimonials from customers who joined your campaign. Professional and experienced PowerPoint designers can help you create the right impact through a proper PowerPoint design.