The management of Intellective, a ServiceNow Premier Partner, assigned me the design of their sales PowerPoint presentation, which they need...

Technology Platform Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

A marketing PowerPoint presentation for Intellective, a ServiceNow Premier Partner, presented on a meeting with ChenMed.

The management of Intellective, a ServiceNow Premier Partner, assigned me the design of their sales PowerPoint presentation, which they needed for a meeting with the medical practice giant ChenMed with the purpose to present their solutions in Employee Experience, Service Portal and Custom Apps.


Presentations have been one of the most used tools in business and it is vital that businessmen know how to create a modern PowerPoint presentation. A business plan is considered to be a strategic document that would help businessmen to make a decision whether the business that they want to establish should be pursued or not. Thus, a successful presentation is considered to be an important tool in business. Therefore, you should also be knowledgeable about how to use the basic tools in PowerPoint to help you make a very effective PowerPoint business plan presentation.

PowerPoint templates have been very useful tools for many years in business. You will find many different templates online that can help businessmen decide on what kind of presentation they want to make. These PowerPoint templates can help you create a professional presentation in a matter of minutes without having to pay professional fees. However, you may think that creating a presentation by just using a template is enough to impress your audience, but this is not the case.

Before you get your hands on a template, you need to first determine the purpose of your PowerPoint presentation. For instance, if your PowerPoint business plan presentation is all about marketing your business, you should choose a template that is aimed at marketing ideas and strategies. Business plan presentations should be able to provide comprehensive details about the products and services that a business is offering. In addition, it is also a good idea to consider the preferences of the audience when making your PowerPoint presentation. You should know what kind of audience your presentation will be targeted with.

If your PowerPoint business plan presentation is targeting a specific segment of the audience, make sure that your template is made specifically for that group. You will have better results if your presentation is very interactive because this is one of the ways through which people are able to remember your PowerPoint presentation. Interactive means including videos and slide shows that are animated or 3D in nature. If your PowerPoint plan presentation includes these elements, then you are more likely to attract more attention to your PowerPoint presentation.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the presentation layout. This can be an important factor, especially if your PowerPoint presentation is meant to be shown to several people. If you fail to provide a layout for your PowerPoint presentation, then businessmen tend to lose their focus during the presentation making it difficult for you to persuade your audience or convince them to part with their hard-earned money.

To be able to create a good layout, you should consult an expert. He will be able to tell you the exact things you need to avoid so that you can come up with a layout that will not bore your audience. There are different kinds of layouts but the most common is the column layout. With this kind of layout, you can easily tell what slides are included in your presentation since the background of the slide is colored in such a way that the other slides are easily visible. The background also contrasts with the other slides, so it will be easier for your audience to understand the information that is presented on the slides.

When it comes to using PowerPoint for business purposes, one of the best things that you can do is to include the Power Point presentation design in your marketing strategy. You can actually use PowerPoint as a means of introducing your products or services to your customers. Aside from this, you can also use your PowerPoint presentation in telling a brief story about your business. You can use it to provide an introduction and then tell the rest of the story so that your audience does not get confused.

Another use of PowerPoint for business purposes is in showing presentations about the current financial status and the future financial status of your business. You can use these PowerPoint presentations in giving training sessions to your employees or to clients of your business. Since you are trying to improve the sales of your business, a good presentation is one of the key factors in persuading people to buy your product or service. So if you want to make your PowerPoint presentation more effective for your business, all you have to do is to focus on the goals of your business. This is what will help you achieve the success that you are aiming for.