The management of ITED assigned me the design of their marketing PowerPoint presentation, which purpose is to present their portfolio of tec...

Marketing PropTech Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing PowerPoint presentation for PropTech company that facilitates the project execution by bringing value with BIM & ICT in the construction.

The management of ITED assigned me the design of their marketing PowerPoint presentation, which purpose is to present their portfolio of technology services, facilitating the project execution by bringing value with BIM & ICT in the construction and real estate sectors.


PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool that has the ability to simplify business communications. However, not many PowerPoint presentations are perfect. Even though Microsoft has made great improvements over the last few years, there are still some rough edges that Windows and PowerPoint viewers around the world have been trying to battle. If you want your PowerPoint presentation to have the best chance of performing effectively, then you need to use a template that has been designed by a professional PowerPoint designer.

Using a corporate templates for PowerPoint will ensure that you're able to use these interactive presentations in the best way possible. You will find that the templates that are available have been created by professional PowerPoint designers who have made them with ease for people to use. There are many reasons why using a professional template for your business presentation can be beneficial. The following are just a few of the benefits that you'll receive when you choose to use templates instead of having to create individual PowerPoint presentations:

Customization Options: One of the main reasons that corporate PowerPoint design templates are so popular is because of the customization options that they offer. You can create a document that is completely unique to you or your company. You can also select which slides you would like to use in the presentation. You will have total control over how your presentation looks and what you have to show. This will ensure that your presentation is exactly how you want it to look.

Slide Designs: Another reason that corporate templates are so common is because of the wide range of design templates that are available. When you use a template, you will be given several different template designs to choose from, which means that you can easily select the designs that you want. You can also select the background color button, the font color button, and the border color button - enabling you to control every aspect of the template design.

Source files: A good PowerPoint template set includes many different source files, which allows you to use PowerPoint in a number of different ways. One way that you can use PowerPoint is to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a PDF. This is very useful if you intend to distribute your PowerPoint presentations. If you publish your PowerPoint presentation to a website, you can embed the PDF file into the website so that your website visitors can download the PDF as a web page. If you want to share your PowerPoint slides with your employees, all they need to do is copy the contents of the PDF file to a flash drive or other storage device and then present the file to their colleagues at the next meeting.

Easy Set Up: Even if you don't know a lot about PowerPoint, you can easily set up a corporate template using the free template software that is available online. In addition to being easy to use, it is also convenient since there are no technical limits to the format. There are no special features to manage or manipulate; everything that you require for making corporate presentations is included in the software. You can easily update the PowerPoint slide design as and when required.

Advanced Features: PowerPoint template sets usually contain a number of advanced features, which make them ideal for professional designers. One of the most common features available in premium templates is the slide color swatches tool. You can easily select the best color combination for your presentation. There are also options to manage text styles and alignment, as well as the appearance of the outline of the slide. For professional designers, these advanced features are definitely an advantage, but they come at a price.

Professional Design: Although you might not be able to create professional-looking slides with the help of a template, you can still enhance the look of your corporate presentation with the help of professional templates. Many professional designers have made huge contributions to the field of PowerPoint design. You can find a number of samples online, which you can use to create your own corporate PowerPoint slides. You can then tweak the graphics and visual effects to achieve a much more appealing look.