What are the Benefits of Yoga for Kids?

Yoga is beneficial for people of every age, and everyone can benefit from yoga's healing powers. Research shows that about 400,000 children in the USA

Adults are known for doing yoga practices for ages, but it is a fact that yoga practices are not only for adults. Yoga is beneficial for people of every age, and everyone can benefit from yoga's healing powers. Research shows that about 400,000 children in the USA also benefit from this mind and body practice.

As yoga has benefits for people of every age, you should consider making it a habit for your children as well. You should find ways to make yoga fun for them to receive multiple mental and physical benefits.

Following are a few benefits your kids can get from Yoga exercises for children.

Yoga Helps in Relaxing the Mind and Body

We live in a stressful world, and therefore, we should find ways to help our children relax. A study in Malaysia on third-grade students revealed that yoga is a beneficial way to relax. It was an 8-week study, and the students followed yoga practices to fulfill the research.

Results showed that students following yoga adopted stress-management techniques, which helped them relax. There is so much yoga content available for kids now, and children can follow the yoga and have fun simultaneously.

Yoga Improves the Attention Span of Children

The problem of concentration is genuine, and many children struggle to form it. There are many new ways to increase children's attention span, and yoga is one of them. A paper published in the National association of school psychologists reveals that yoga is an efficient way to increase children's attention span.

A study on children with low attention span showed that such children do not have ADHD. This study used yoga, and the outcomes revealed a high attention span among children. Another research conducted by comic kids is an online yoga content creating a team for children. The study showed positive changes among students, like the ability to focus has also improved due to yoga.

Yoga Makes a Connection Between Minds and Body

Lisa Flynn's book, yoga for children, reveals that yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation helps children become healthy, happy, and resilient. She also explains that children connect their mind and body through yoga, which allows them to develop.

In today's world, more and more children are becoming overweight and dealing with stress, anger, and other mental problems. The connection between the mind and body of children is minor. However, yoga can be helpful for such children as it can make them aware of their minds and body and help them manage their emotions. Similarly, yoga also assists in building resilience and improves our health.

Yoga Creates Balance in Life

A study on students living in the Bronx reveals that yoga can create a balance in the life of children. This research was on students of fourth and fifth grade for 12-weeks. The study showed that yoga helped improve both the mental and physical health of children. Moreover, there was a significant difference in their balance compared to the comparison group.

Yoga Increases Flexibility

A significant reason adults do yoga is to improve their flexibility through poses that make their bodies more supple. Research in Brazil in 2016 showed that yoga improves the ability of children in the age between 6 and 8. The study revealed that children performing yoga showed positive changes in their flexibility, balance, and strength. The study also revealed that yoga helped them improve their social behavior.

Yoga Build Strength

Yoga is an excellent way to build strength in our bodies. Therefore, many studies were conducted to find out how yoga provides power to the body. A survey of children aged 7-9 years reveals that a 12-week yoga practice improved their physical strength. However, when the children stopped practicing yoga, the results did not last. It means that if you want to maintain your strength, you must continue yoga.

Yoga Boosts the Immunity

The study reveals that yoga therapy is quite helpful in improving the immunity of children. Various studies show that people who meditate and practice yoga for the short-term and long-term reduce the inflammation in their body and strengthen their immune system.

Yoga Encourages Healthy Eating

Every parent wants their kids to eat healthily and batter. Yoga can be an excellent way to do so. A project in Minnesota by the name of EAT understood how yoga could encourage children to eat healthily. It was colossal research, and about 1820 teens and young adults participated. They followed regular yoga practices and the results revealed that they used to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables. The study also revealed that the participants consumed less fast food, beverages, and snack foods.

Yoga Improves Sleeping Schedule

Sleep disorder is also pervasive in children now, and your children might be among the 2 million children suffering from it. Yoga is an excellent way to improve the night sleep of children. A study shows that yoga improves children's mental health and positively impacts the children's sleep quality.

Yoga Improves Self-esteem

Yoga gives children a self-esteem boost. A study on 34 orphanages involving teen and young adult participants revealed exciting results. By following two weeks of yoga, the children reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, which helped significantly improve their self-esteem.

Yoga Encourages Empathy

Research by cosmic kids reveals that another significant impact of yoga is empathy. Yoga helps the children show compassion towards each other. A study on teenage students showed that children following yoga practices showed a positive change in showing kindness. 

Yoga Does not Make You Competitive 

Another Major Benefit of Yoga is that it does not make the children competitive. Children following yoga practices don't have to be competitive with each other. It means that yoga creates a sense of sportsman spirit in children and makes them athletic. 

Bottom Line

Yoga is an excellent way for children to live a healthy life as yoga brings positive change in our health and mind and changes our behavior. Yoga makes us confident and encourages us to become social. Moreover, it creates self-belief and empathy, which helps the children be thankful and friendly to others.

Author Bio

Adam Smith has been a yoga instructor for the past ten years and says that adopting yoga at an early age helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, he reveals that yoga is beneficial for people of every age. Therefore, everyone must perform yoga exercises to stay healthy. 

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