Compass Tattoo Meaning

Traditionally, a compass has been a symbol of guidance and hope for sailors. Its meaning is deep and the symbol has an understated, masculine feel.

Traditionally, a compass tattoo has been a symbol of guidance and protection. The design works well on different body parts, and it looks great on both men and women. The intricate details and the simplicity make this tattoo a popular choice for a minimalistic look. The compass can be a symbol of a creative personality. People who have compass tattoos are typically adventurous, outgoing, and flexible. They love to travel, learn new things, and expand their horizons. They are still trying to figure out their own path in life, but they have the compass to help them along the way.

What does compass tattoo symbolize?

A compass is a symbol of guidance and direction, and it is commonly used for fortune telling. Whether you're into religious themes or a spiritual lifestyle, a compass can help you find the path you need to take. This tattoo is both beautiful and practical. A compass tattoo can be very symbolic of a new journey, adventure, or a new chapter in your life. Its arrow represents your ability to make decisions and follow them, as well as your will to be creative and persuasive. 

Whether you're choosing a compass tattoo for your chest or your arms, a compass is a beautiful design  to express your will. While a compass is commonly associated with navigation, it can also be used to symbolize creativity and a lost presence. A compass tattoo is also a great choice for a thigh tattoo and as a such can also be used to signify a lost soul.

What type of tattoo is a compass?

Compasses have been the most common inking among the sailors for centuries, usually placed on the chest. They believed that the compass tattoos will protect them from the storms of the seas, will guide them to reach their destinations and will bring luck to get back home safe.

The compass tattoo is often a symbol of justice and can represent a realistic person. It can symbolize movement and the will to find a way to reach a goal, same as the black koi fish tattoo. The compass is considered a lucky tattoo symbol, especially for travelers. To wear one on your body is an act of faith, that you will always find your way when you are lost. A compass tattoo can be also a magic talisman.

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