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Every project needs a professionally designed presentation because this marketing tool is the first point of contact during the negotiation process with clients/partners/investors. Moreover, the quality of the product or solution you offer is being assessed based on how the product is portrayed. The design of an engaging pitch deck is similar to the preparation of a delicious meal. You have to follow the right balanced recipe – a cup of stock images, a teaspoon of infographics, and a pinch of business icons. The difference lies in offering your target audience a fast food meal versus a Michelin 3-star cuisine.
Web Summit PowerPoint Presentation

Miroslav PowerPoint
My name is Miroslav and during my 15 years of experience as a freelance PowerPoint presentation designer I designed presentations for companies like the Grammy Awards, Mercedes-Benz and for many others, including more than 300 startups from London and San Francisco Bay Area. A company pitch deck I designed for the UK 'Friction Free Shaving' company has stolen the show on the 2018 Web Summit in front of 15k entrepreneurs (the picture above).

My cutting edge style offers a balanced combination between premium brand consistent templates and engaging visuals (infographics, stock images and business icons). Thanks to my individual approach by the design of each slide deck I can visualize any concept in a remarkable way that maximizes the impact of key presentation messages.
Whether it is an investor pitch deck or a company presentation, I deliver top notch slides that impress the target audience.

A proof of everything above mentioned is the feedback from my clients in the Testimonials section here.
With the purpose of helping business professionals design visually impressive slides, I created the ultimate 70 slides PowerPoint business template. Having this premium design tool at your disposal allows you to easily create stunning, professional looking and engaging business presentations that will impress your clients and partners.