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PowerPoint Business Template

The design of an engaging presentation is similar to the preparation of a delicious meal. The right balanced recipe has to be followed — a cup of stock images, a teaspoon of infographics, and a pinch of business icons. The difference lies in offering your target audience a fast food meal versus a Michelin 3-star cuisine. 

Realizing the above-mentioned, many entrepreneurs apply to professional freelance PowerPoint designers regarding the design of their corporate and sales presentations, startup and investors pitch decks, business plan and executive summary slides. But nowadays, especially taking into consideration the startup boom, where most of the projects are based on unique ideas, many entrepreneurs try to handle this task by themselves because they know best which the key messages are and how to emphasize them visually. But not all of them are good at PowerPoint design and very often need the right professional design tool so they can create an engaging presentation.

That's why, based on my experience of more than 15 years as a professional PowerPoint designer, who designed presentations for companies like the Grammy Awards, Mercedes-Benz, DuPont and many others, including more than 300 startups from the Silicon Valley and London (a proof of this is the feedback from my clients here), with the purpose of helping business entrepreneurs design visually impressive slides, I created the ultimate PowerPoint business template

It includes more than 70 slides, where you just have to choose the right one for your purposes and to fill in your content. 

Every single element of the template is completely editable and very easy to adjust in accordance with your brand identity guidelines – colors, infographics, images, business icons, fonts, etc.

Having this premium design tool at your disposal allows you to easily create stunning, professional looking and engaging business presentations that will impress your clients and partners.

PowerPoint Business TemplatePowerPoint Business TemplatePowerPoint Business Template


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Is it reusable? 

Absolutely! You will receive a totally editable PowerPoint version of the template, based on which you can design as many presentations you want. 


Are there any limitations regarding the usage and distribution rights? 

Absolutely none! All the elements in the template are royalty free so there are no limitations.

Venture Partners Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation

Venture Partners Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation

The management of High Water Venture Partners, a UAE based company, applied to me with the request to design their corporate presentation.

About High Water Venture Partners:

High Water is a venture capital firm leveraging an exclusive inner-circle US network to invest in hard-to-access US early-stage deals, alongside other successful and strategic top-tier VC firms, family offices, and individuals, for the benefit of the UAE and MENA economies.

High Water, through its deep-rooted inner-circle network, provides access to top-tier US deals for the benefit of the Abu Dhabi ecosystem.

Leading edge team

A diversity of skills from physical sciences PhD to finance specialist. The team has worked together for 5 years.

Access to an inner-circle of the highest quality deals

Access to over-subscribed deals, alongside top-tier US VC investors such as:

•    Sequoia

•    TPG

•    Raine

•    Alan Patricof

•    Eric Schmidt

•    Access to an inner-circle of

•    the highest quality deals

•    Access to over-subscribed deals, alongside top-tier US VC investors such as:

•    Sequoia

•    TPG

•    Raine

•    Alan Patricof

•    Eric Schmidt

Ability to tap into a fast-growing market for secondary sale of Venture Capital portfolio company stakes.

Proven strategy

Sourcing top-tier deals through our network, in sectors driven by unstoppable technological and societal trends

Strategic expansion and co-investment opportunities

We offer high-value co-investment opportunities for our investors

Family office founders

Family office mindset: shepherds of capital; Wasserstein (New York) and Al Fahim (Abu Dhabi) families. We understand the role of venture capital allocation in diversifying investor portfolios and providing early insights into disruptions of family businesses and access to adjacent growth opportunities.

Best-in-class performance 12 investments by the team since 2015, institutional-level due diligence.

Attractive returns: MOIC 3.4x, IRR 41%

We use an institutional level best-practice investment process


•    Character & track record of the team

•    Fit with High Water sectors

•    Degree of innovation

•    Founder valuation expectation

Deep-Dive Analysis

•    Competitive Landscape

•    Market sizing

•    Team’s potential for execution and delivery

•    High-level and detailed financial forecasts

•    Barriers to entry

•    Customer calls

Network Analysis

•    Co-investor’s due diligence and validation work

•    Follow on capital potential

•    Assessment of co-investor’s strategic leverage potential

Term Sheet

•    Shareholder protections

•    Valuation considerations

•    Appropriate internal incentive structures

Investment Memorandum

•    Investment thesis

•    Detailed analysis of findings

•    Consultation with Limited Partners

•    Sizing of investment and fit with the overall portfolio

Investment Committee Decision

•    Needs to be unanimous  

•    Investment Committee memorandum documentation

We leverage our inner-circle network to obtain high quality deals and competitively differentiated information to benefit our investors, while managing our risk through diversification and staging.

Video Recruitment Platform Investor Pitch Deck

Andy Simpson, the Co-founder of Hinterview, the #1 platform for video recruitment, assigned me as a freelance powerpoint designer the revamp of their investor pitch deck. His feedback on the final result:

‘Thanks Miroslav, looks great! Very pleased.’

About Hinterview:
Engage and present top candidates, win better business and recruit more efficiently.
Recruitment has changed forever. Stay ahead of the competition with our world-class video platform built for recruitment.
The suite of world-class video tools:
Your one-way video engagement tool
The competition to engage with clients and candidates is higher than ever. Use Hintro to win more clients, develop existing clients, present new candidates, and increase application rates.
Say goodbye to text-heavy emails!
•    Introduce yourself to candidates and clients with a personalised video message.
•    Develop stronger client relationships with personal, engaging touchpoints.
•    Quickly and easily create and share sales and marketing videos to promote your brand, or latest vacancy, across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn.
Easily trim, add subtitles, bookmarks, thumbnails and documents (like a CV) without any specialist video editing skills.
Your world-class candidate presentation and interviewing tool
Bring candidates to life through video presentation and offer a faster, superior selection process for hiring managers.
Streamline your recruitment processes
•    Interview candidates in one click, with no need for downloads or logins.
•    Present candidates to clients quickly and effectively, in a format that suits them.
•    Conduct and record first stage interviews on behalf of your client.
•    Streamline the recruitment process , enabling quicker feedback and better selection for your clients.
Our dual-consent technology means that all platform activity is 100% GDPR-compliant. Hassle-free recording means that everything is stored in one place, for easy sharing and tracking with clients.
Assess cultural fit and skills
Let your hiring managers quickly assess qualities like cultural fit, technical skills and communication skills, increasing your placement rates.

Malware detection solution for mobile phones

Malware detection solution for mobile phones

 A pitch deck I designed for the Mobius company, which purpose was to present the features of their malware detection solution for mobile phones.


About Mobius:

Mobius Wireless Solutions, the peak of mobile telecom revenue assurance and fraud management (RA/FM) solutions. We are trusted by networks globally, to help scale the industry’s latest challenges and provide fluid return on investment. 

Founded in 2005, Mobius has been focused exclusively on mobile telecom RA/FM for more than a decade. Mobius follows a Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, striking a balance between managed service and flexible control - depending on customer resources and needs. All Mobius solutions include ongoing support from our team of RA/FM consultants. This minimizes the need for operator resources and ensures that business rules are continually updated to deal with the evolving RA/FM challenges. 

Mobius also provides solutions for national telecom regulators, including metering of network traffic, quality of service (QoS) testing and revenue stream validation. 

As SIMbox bypass fraud has evolved, fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated, and MNOs can no longer rely on the simple profiles used by typical fraud management systems. Gatekeeper Core Detection algorithms use machine learning to automatically adapt to changing fraud patterns and adjust rules for predictive detection. Gatekeeper detects complex graph relationships between fraudulent SIMs and identifies fake traffic generation.   

Gatekeeper utilizes machine learning that is specifically optimized for telecom bypass fraud management. The core engine is cloud based, allowing individual deployments to learn from fraud patterns on networks globally and deploy them locally to immediately adapt to changing fraud patterns.     

In addition to applied machine learning, Mobius’ Gatekeeper quickly detects bypass fraud, using a hybrid of passive (CDR pattern analysis) and active (TCG test calls) in parallel and automatically correlated in near real-time to quickly identify and eliminate bypass fraud traffic.   

Gatekeeper is designed for maximum flexibility. Although machine learning is applied automatically, custom profiles, specific to each network, can add significant value. The Gatekeeper secure portal displays all results, providing analysis with a robust reporting and analytical tool-set for monitoring and investigations.   

Mobius’ analysts evaluate results and create supplemental custom profiles based on their findings. Gatekeeper provides an area within the secure web portal to develop and review results. For networks interested in creating and testing self-created profiles, the Gatekeeper environment is available and user-friendly.   

Mobius recommends a combination of passive (CDR pattern analysis) and active test call (TCG) approach to bypass fraud detection. Gatekeeper automatically integrates CDR analysis and TCG. Test call detections are used to seed machine learning algorithms, immediately impacting CDR analysis to detect SIMs with similar patterns, effectively magnifying the impact of test calls to the order of 5 to 10 times. Gatekeeper includes test calls as part of the service, but can also integrate or partner with third party test call systems.   

Gatekeeper’s light footprint allows it to easily be deployed as a proof of concept and rapidly demonstrate return on investment, regardless of the size of the network. High-availability configurations are easy to implement & can often be deployed on a single server. Mobius can customize the Gatekeeper configuration to suit your environmental and regulatory needs.   

Rapid barring of fraudulent SIMs is critical to cleaning the network of bypass fraud. By using a real-time data analysis approach, Gatekeeper is capable of near real-time fraud detection. Gatekeeper can detect SIMboxes in less than one minute on networks with fewer than 5M subscribers, and in less than ten minutes on larger networks.  Fraudulent MSISDN files are also provided for automatic SIM barring. Early implementation of autobarring is critical to hitting the fraudsters where they care most - their cost.  

Language Institute Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Language Institute Marketing PowerPoint Presentation


The management of Eton Institute, the leading language training organization in UAE, applied to me with the request to design their marketing pitch deck. Their feedback on the final result: 

"Great job! Delighted with the outcome."


About Eton Institute:

 We operate with the understanding that languages, communication and culture are fundamental to the human experience and necessary for individuals’ and organizations’ future success. Offering solutions in over 160 Languages since 2006, we have helped thousands of individuals and companies resolve communication challenges through customized solutions, with operations in the UAE.
We have developed unique, proven engagement methodologies and techniques, and we’re proud to be associated with top international organizations, to successfully connect people and global businesses to opportunity.
We are an Approved Center for the delivery of Cambridge Exams, TOEIC, DELE, ÖSD, CILS and a test venue for the IELTS exam. Additionally, all language courses offered by Eton Institute are EAQUALS-accredited and meet Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by Council of Europe.


To empower individuals and teams with the communication skills required to excel personally and professionally in a culturally connected world.


Deliver robust world class communication and learning solutions that promote borderless understanding and tolerance while supporting and celebrating cultural diversity.


Professionalism, Innovation, Accountability, Quality, Open Two-Way Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility.


Offer a range of price competitive, flexible and tailored courses to suit learners’ needs, facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Enrich the network of communities in which we operate.

UK Leading Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

Farhad Divecha, Managing Director of AccuraCast, UK's top International Digital Marketing Agency, a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, was very pleased with the new design of their company Pitch Deck.

About AccuraCast

Fusing data science and proprietary AI with a team of international, multilingual digital marketing experts allows us to uncover established and emerging cultural insights. These insights can help you build relevance at a global scale and maximize your marketing return on investment.
Creativity, innovation, data intelligence, and global scale – the four tenets our agency is built on – are some of the reasons brands choose to work with us. Our mulitlingual services eliminate the pain of dealing with numerous agencies in different languages.
But it’s really the simple fact that our clients can rely on us to proactively deliver excellent results, consistently… that’s what cements our client partnerships for years and years.
Drive real value from social interactions. Our social media marketing services nurture meaningful connections with your customers. Grow your reach with beautifully curated content that attracts engagement, and converts visitors into leads and sales.
Increase brand recognition, grow sales, improve customer loyalty, and drive more traffic to your site with effective social media marketing. This isn’t a drill. This isn’t a passing fad. Social is not something to be tagged onto your marketing as an afterthought… social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business online.
You need experts on your side, making sure your products and services are getting noticed, and your brand is targeting the right audience, at the ideal time, on the most relevant channels.

AccuraCast are world leaders in the use of social media marketing, creating successful campaigns that deliver real sales - it’s not just about the Likes and Comments!
Growing revenues while lowering costs per acquisition through intelligent online advertising. Our pay per click and programmatic advertising services deliver cost-effective campaigns that drive more qualified clicks, resulting in increased leads, store visits, and sales.

Your customers don’t live on just one online channel… your marketing campaigns shouldn’t either.
We create solutions across a variety of digital platforms to reach your target audience. Our services are platform agnostic, which means we use data and AI to maximise performance and invest your marketing budget where it delivers the best return on investment.
Increase revenues, while reducing cost per acquisition through intelligent paid search, display, video, and programmatic advertising campaigns that are designed to boost return on your advertising budget. As a qualified partner of the leading paid media platforms, we believe in delivering real value for our clients through cutting-edge advertising campaigns.
Optimise your site for higher organic search rankings, acquire high-quality links, and grow your business with our 100% Ethical SEO® services. We deliver consistent results in a constantly evolving global search landscape.
As one of the world’s leading SEO consultancies, we pioneered a holistic, ethical approach to search engine optimisation, adapting and innovating to keep our clients on top of the rankings without spamming.
Whether it’s optimising content for Emirates airline, delivering a powerful organic search management strategy for nPower, or re-branding PwC’s global consulting business online, our services always deliver results.
Keeping up with the ever-changing Google algorithms is a demanding profession. We should know – it’s been our specialty for over 15 years.
Data is at the heart of everything we do. Our complete range of organic search marketing services are built on best practices and data intelligence methods perfected over the past decade.

Ultimate PowerPoint Business Template

Capital Markets Predictive Analytics PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Capital Markets Predictive Analytics PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Kevin W. Massengill, Co-founder and CEO of Meraglim Holdings, assigned me the design their pitch deck, which purpose is to demonstrate the features of the revolutionary enterprise SAAS platform called Raven Predictive Analytics that disrupts existing predictive analytics by more accurately modeling capital markets using complex systems, augmented intelligence, and team science. His feedback on the final result:

‘I am very pleased to recommend Miroslav's work to your consideration. The presentation he created for us was amazing, quickly done, and very good value for money. So much so, we immediately sent him another assignment on receipt of the first.’
About Meraglim Holdings

We believe governments and central banks have corrupted price signals by market interventions based on flawed economic theories. Capital markets are not industrial machines but complex adaptive systems.
We are the first firm in the world to integrate human and machine intelligence with complexity science directed at capital markets and macro events.
We help corporate leaders and institutional fiduciaries to identify emergent risks and out-of-consensus opportunities with our patent-pending Raven Predictive Analytics® software as a service (SaaS).
Because our mission is to proactively identify threats and opportunities, we chose to name our firm after the Meraglim®, the reconnaissance team that Moses sent into the Promised Land described in Numbers Chapter 13. While ten of the team focused on the risks, like Joshua and Caleb, we recognize out of consensus opportunities as well.
The raven in our logo is a nod to Felix Somary, one of the world’s greatest but forgotten economists, reintroduced by our co-founder James Rickards in his latest NY Times best-selling book, “The Road to Ruin.” Known as “The Raven of Zurich” for his extraordinary foresight in predicting the world’s major calamities well before his peers, Felix Somary is an exemplar of the service we provide for our customers.
In addition to our unique service offering, the Meraglim® leadership have embraced a customer development model that keeps us sharply focused on our customers’ requirements and ensures them the enthusiastic and professional service of all of our staff. We are aware that you could take your business elsewhere, but we strive to provide you with a service so valuable to you that our business relationship continues for years to come.



PropTech Company PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

PropTech Company PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

The Co-Founder of Key-Vest, a leading PropTech company, assigned me the design of company's Investor Pitch Deck, which purpose is to demonstrate the features and the advantages of their web based platform. His feedback on the final result:

'It was a pleasure working with Miroslav - he was professional and patient, and I was very pleased with his work. I would highly recommend Miroslav for your presentation needs.'
About Key-Vest

Key-Vest is an online marketplace for global institutional investors and sellers of investment grade property assets across Europe to connect and transact on a bilateral basis, without the need for expensive brokers or agents.
The concept of Key-Vest was born as a response to the frustration of both institutions who were not seeing a broad enough range of relevant investable property assets, and of vendors who were using inefficient and expensive agents to dispose of their real estate holdings. We noticed that investors and sellers increasingly prefer to speak directly rather than via brokers, and that there was no existing technology enabled platform in the market to allow for them to connect directly.
Our mission is to make the property acquisition process more transparent and streamlined by helping sellers dispose of their holdings more quickly and efficiently, and help investors find the right assets to optimise their portfolio returns.
We also noticed that there are key fundamental trends in the real estate industry which are changing the way investors and sellers are approaching property investments, both in terms of sourcing and disposing of real estate assets:
Investors are increasingly looking to purchase assets directly or through joint ventures, as opposed to indirectly via blind pool property funds which have historically produced poor returns
Both buyers and sellers are looking for more transparency and control in the real estate transaction process. Investors want to see a broader subset of available assets across geographies and asset classes, and sellers want to access a larger audience of potential buyers to maximise value
Most sellers, and in some cases buyers, do not consider the excessive fees charged by agents and brokers accurately represents their value-add to the transaction process. Both parties prefer a bilateral discussion which eliminates the need for a middleman whose fees directly eat into the net returns achieved
Sellers are seeking more discretion over the types of buyers they target, whether that is larger institutions like pension funds or sovereign wealth funds, or smaller and more nimble investors like family offices. Vendors also want to focus their efforts to solicit buyers in particular geographies like Asia or the Middle East where they see the greatest appetite and value


UK's TOP Live Streaming Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

UK's TOP Live Streaming Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

James Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Streaming Tank, UK’s market leader for streaming of live events, assigned me the design of company’s pitch deck.

About Streaming Tank:

Streaming Tank is a technology and digital media solution company that benefits directly from the rapid growth and innovation in the digital industry in general and streaming in particular.

Covering strategy, production, video streaming and interactive web development, Streaming Tank make their client’s events truly digital. We ensure that right audience experiences their content in the way they want them to.

Streaming Tank is a collective consisting of in-house talent and a network of technical creative partners across the world. It has produced, streamed and broadcast over 5,000 live events for its clients, pushing content to websites, mobile devices, apps, secure intranets, social media channels, out-of-home screens and more.

We are the streaming agency behind some of the most challenging and successful digital broadcasting campaigns ever undertaken. We have been leading the industry for many years, and have become a major driving force in event & experiential video production and delivery around the world. We are structured for global deployment and delivery of events and uses its own video streaming platform, STcast.

It has strong successful working relationships with all major social networks and is constantly working on new technologies and approaches to enhance the services it provides. It has built an impressive global network of expertise from creation through to local delivery, offering clients a unique solution. It has the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure to accomplish any challenge in broadcasting live content in all major formats and to all major devices.

Highlighted examples of successful live streams demonstrate a mixture of Return on Investment (“ROI”) models including advertising, sponsorship, webcast-related sales, and simple audience building such as gaining likes on a Facebook page. Employing a mixture of methods, many of these broadcasts not only generate revenue but rapidly build global audiences.

STcast is a simple ergonomic easy to use web-based online video platform and player. While capturing the traditional online video market place market with traditional features such as on-demand hosting transcoding the platform will be tailored to meet some of the specific needs live event and webcasting market place.

To accommodate this each video asset within the platform can be set up as an event; with a scheduled start time and duration, and the option to add features such as slides, chapters, presenter profiles and features such as polls and question submitted.

Once the user has configured the event they will be able to launch the webcast controller, a web page that allows them to control their live event, starting and stopping the event, or pushing changes such as polls, chapters and slides in real-time to the player.


Ultimate PowerPoint Business Template


AI Platform PowerPoint Pitch Deck

AI Platform PowerPoint Pitch Deck

The management of Altada, an AI platform and IBM partner, applied to me with the request to design their company pitch deck. They were very satisfied with the result.

About Altada:

Enterprise clients have discovered that change management programs esp. those focused around digital transformation and regulation are difficult to manage, monitor and risk control. Attempts to construct solutions around data lakes ingesting structured content from project management and enterprise resource planning systems, using data analytics are falling short in terms of delivering the actionable insights necessary for risk mitigation, practical process automation, and competitive advantage creation. The results are more frequent delays, poor delivery, and human wastage. This leads to the   heighted operational risk and sub-optimal capacity utilization and the cost hundreds of millions and billions of euros per enterprise.
An AI Planning framework methodology to deliver operational AI solutions. Altada’s operational AI solutions encompass intelligent document automation and robotic process automation. They are developed and deployed alongside predictive models for capacity utilization, resource planning, and revenue management. The AI solutions, based on both machine learning and deep learning principles are produced to:
Augment data analytics by more rapidly and accurately identifying risk patterns emerging in change management programs. These patterns are often hidden in unstructured data sets.
Evaluate existing supply chains, identifying new automation opportunities can be introduced through classification, transformation, and extraction. Often this involves capturing and processing data lineage in a new way.
Altada’s solution are deployed as both API services, as well as full software applications. They can be developed rapidly and are delivered to manage all the key operational risk areas that plague change management programs. They reduce delays, improve delivery quality, and reduce risk through automation; they help enterprises grow their operational capacity, achieving more scale and reduced cost.

The Altada AI platform is continuing to evolve with the advancement of AI Research. We have already created a rich set of components that can rapidly and accurately classify, categorize and validate data. We deploy these data intelligence techniques to ensure our clients acquire AI models that satisfy the stringent criteria of privacy by design. We exploit both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to train our models. We use a multi-thread/parallel processing approach to enable competition between AI agents, and constant optimization. 

We are a firm that strongly believes that putting a human in the loop in the early stages of AI modelling will lead to greater early accuracy, which can then be exploited by self-learning techniques. Harnessing this combined approach for text analysis and computer vision problems has helped us achieve machine reading accuracy in the mid 90’s consistently. Our underlying modelling framework has been designed to maximize model selection opportunity. We believe there is no right answer when it comes to model selection, and thus exploit both machine learning and deep learning models in our delivery. We have built and deployed solutions, in the last 2 years for example, using knowledge graphs, Random Forests, Probabilistic Inference and Decision Trees. Our leadership for the past 20 years have been strong proponents of constraint programming, AI planning and learning optimization. These techniques allow us to both reduce time to production, as well as assist our clients in future proofing their AI powered applications.

Altada builds Operational transformative solution via APIs and Applications by:

  • Demonstrating through rapid prototyping its ability to provide value to a significant operational challenge.

  • Developing Proof of Concepts (POC) that can rapidly be transformed into production ready solution. This is achieved by testing solutions with real world data sets, and in conditions that reflect deployable infrastructure and integration services.

  • Working across the full operational supply chain with its clients. This allows the company to discover new connected use cases, and to augment its existing solution set in a logical way and within an increasingly automated design.


Ultimate PowerPoint Business Template

UK Insurance Platform PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Insurance Platform PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

David Edwards, Founder and CEO of ChainThat, assigned me the design of company's Investor Pitch Deck, which purpose is to demonstrate the features and the advantages of their  insurance platform based on AI technology.

About ChainThat

Delivering on the promise of innovation so the global insurance market is empowered to move forward.
In 2015 ChainThat was formed with the express purpose of building a new technology enabled insurance industry that would improve market access, speed, innovation and data quality while substantially reducing cost.
With deep combined expertise in both insurance and technology, ChainThat’s founders, a team of insurance practitioners and technologists, architected a comprehensive digital market using distributed ledger technology and developed a pragmatic approach to engineering and implementing it. ChainThat’s ethos has always been to architect, engineer and prove solutions before bringing to market.
ChainThat Platform:
1.  Digitally Supported End to End Shared Core Processes:
Risk Placement
Settlement Obligations
Facility Management
2. A New Market Eco System
Faster and more efficient
Greater market access
Smart contracts that are always up to date
A completely secure and stable DLT platform
Significant reductions in frictional costs
Speeding up the innovation cycle
Enabling better business insight
3. Business Types
Insurance & Reinsurance
Property & Casualty
Direct, Facultative and Treaty
Focus on existing marketplaces (Business Hubs) to utilize the local  community to collaborate on driving adoption and support local regulation requirements and reporting
Once business hubs are established link hubs in a controlled fashion to support regulated risk transfer between different regulation zones.
Any party can be a member of multiple business hubs using the same node but joining multiple virtual business networks
Generate new sources of premium for a business hub by allowing access to the market via aggregator nodes (portals) to bring in new risk that could not be processed previously due to constraints on costs and resources.


Ultimate PowerPoint Business Template


Mobile Ticket Sale Platform PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Mobile Ticket Sale Platform PowerPoint  Investor Pitch Deck

Pierre Etter, Co-Founder of TIXnGO – Europe's top online platform for secure mobile ticket sale, assigned me the design of their Pitch Deck. His feedback on the final result:

'Miroslav, thank you so much for your excellent work. You have been extremely helpful and talented. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks! Best, Pierre'

What is TIXnGO?

TIXnGO is a mobile ticketing application available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. Its aim is to secure your tickets and make them digital. The application can store tickets bought from event organizers that offer TIXnGO as a ticket delivery solution.
What is a TIXnGO mobile ticket?

A TIXnGO mobile ticket is a secured ticket that you receive on your Android or IOS smartphone using the TIXnGO mobile application.
Where can I purchase TIXnGO tickets?

You can purchase TIXnGO tickets from event organizers that propose the TIXnGO ticket delivery solution. You should accept to receive them on a TIXnGO mobile application as a delivery mode.
What are the advantages of using TIXnGO mobile solution?

With TIXnGO, ticket security is improved and fraud is reduced. All the tickets in your TIXnGO application are unique and valid.
Can I use TIXnGO application for several events?

Yes, you can receive the tickets of several events from several event organizers on your TIXnGO application. Some of our clients use a specific branded App, in that case you will just receive tickets for events related.
Who should I contact if I have a problem with a ticket?

Please contact the event organizer’s customer service, from who you purchased the ticket.
How can I get my TIXnGO tickets?

You need to download the TIXnGO application from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone or from Google Play if you have an Android based smartphone. Following the link you receive once you bought your ticket.
Can I use a Windows smartphone to get my TIXnGO tickets?
TIXnGO application is available only for iOS and Android. It’s not compatible with Windows smartphones.
If you have bought mobile tickets and you have a Windows smartphone, please contact the event organizers’ customer service.
Can I transfer my TIXnGO tickets to my laptop and print them?
No, TIXnGO tickets are secured only if they are stored on your mobile phone and cannot be transferred to computers. They are not valid if they are printed.
Do I need a TIXnGO account?
Yes, when you download the TIXnGO app or a branded App, you will need to create or log in with an account.
Is my TIXnGO account the same as my ticketing account (the account used to purchase my tickets)?
No, your TIXnGO account is independent from any other ticketing account. You can receive the tickets of multiple ticketing systems in your unique TIXnGO account.
I cannot register in the app, what can I do?
Please make sure you entered the below required fields correctly:
The email that you used to purchase the tickets. Your email is indicated in the emails that you receive.
The 6-digits activation code received by email
Password: it needs to contain at least 8 characters including at least 1 capital letter (e.g. X), 1 small letter (e.g. y) and one digit (e.g. 1)
Please also make sure to accept the terms and conditions and private policy.
In case of need, use the functionality “Resend an activation code” to receive a new activation code. (Only the last activation code received is valid)
Why will I receive email?
After buying your TIXnGO ticket, you will receive 2 emails
1 email will invite you to download the app
1 email will inform you about the activation code
When you send a TIXnGO ticket to a user that does not have the TIXnGO application, he will also receive the 2 above mentioned emails.
I changed my smartphone. How do I get/download my TIXnGO tickets on my new smartphone?
Install the TIXnGO application on your new phone and log in with your email address and password.
I forgot my password. How can I receive my TIXnGO tickets?
Please ask for a new password with the “forget password” functionality in the app.
Why aren’t my tickets showing up in the TIXnGO app?
Make sure that you entered your email address correctly. To get your tickets, you must use the same email address that you used to purchase the tickets. If you have to login with another email address, logout of the app and sign in with the correct email address.
Your tickets are available in the TIXnGO app some minutes after buying them. Refresh the ticket list with the button to see updated ticket inventory.
If your tickets were originally forwarded to you by another TIXnGO user, the original sender may have cancelled the forward and you should check with the person who sent you the tickets.
Make sure in your email confirmation it is mentioned that a link is available to access your tickets. Sometimes the event organizer decide to push the tickets later but it should be mentioned in the email confirmation.

Do I need an Internet connection?
You need an internet connection to get new TIXnGO tickets.
Where can I see more details?
On the tickets, you can find detailed information about the ticket by clicking the button at the bottom of the ticket.
Why is no barcode showing on my TIXnGO ticket?
Your barcode is securely stored and you do not initially see it. The barcode will be displayed when your ticket is activated, usually few minutes or hours before the doors open the day of the event itself. The activation time is indicated on your ticket.
Alternatively, the barcode may appear when you enter the venue using Bluetooth technology. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and enter the venue, the barcode will appear.
Can I send a TIXnGO ticket to a friend?
Yes, you can securely send your TIXnGO ticket to a friend with the send functionality in the app. Please make sure that you send the tickets before their activation.
How will my recipient know I sent tickets?
If you send a ticket to a friend that have no TIXnGO account, your friend will receive an email to invite him to download the TIXnGO app and create an account.
If you send a ticket to a friend that already have a TIXnGO account, your friend will receive a notification with his ticket directly in his TIXnGO app.
Can I re-send a ticket received?
Yes, a ticket can be sent to a new recipient (or sent back the sender) after it has been received.
Where can I find the list of tickets sent / received?
In the “Transfer history” tab, you will find a list of all tickets sent and received, including the name of the sender or recipient.
I have purchased several TIXnGO tickets, should I send the additional tickets to my friends or should I keep them on my phone?
It is recommended to send the tickets to friends to give them the flexibility of choosing when they arrive to the venue.
What if my friend doesn’t have a smartphone?
If you are attending the venue with a friend who does not have a smartphone, you can keep the ticket on your phone and enter the venue together.
What if I never received the “Ticket sent” email?
If you are expecting to receive a ticket but were never notified by email, check your email spam folder and contact the sender. The sender can cancel the current ticket sending, then re-send to you.
When can I send TIXnGO tickets?
You can send TIXnGO tickets any time before their activation. The activation time is indicated on the ticket. Usually, after activation you will not be able to send the tickets anymore. Any time the “send” button appear you are able to send the ticket.
Can I cancel the sending of a TIXnGO ticket?
Yes, you can cancel the transfer of a TIXnGO ticket before it arrives to the recipient. The recipient will receive the ticket when he login and open the TIXnGO app. After the transfer is successful, it is not possible to cancel it.
If you accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address, after cancellation, you can resend the ticket to the correct email address.
Why do I still see a ticket after sending?
Just after sending a ticket, your ticket remains in the “my tickets” tab, marked as “In transfer”, until your ticket is received by the recipient. As soon as the ticket is received, the ticket moves from “my tickets” to “Transfer history” tab.
How to prepare my smartphone to enter the venue?
The battery of your phone should be charged.
Do I need internet connection to enter the venue?
If you have already received your tickets, you don’t need any Internet connection to activate your TIXnGO ticket when you enter to the venue.
How to enter the venue with TIXnGO tickets?
Simply present your mobile device with your ticket displaying the barcode for entrance at the venue. To display the barcode, press at the bottom of the ticket. The barcode will be displayed usually few minutes or hours before the doors opens. You will not see any barcode until the activation time.
Alternatively, the barcode may appear when you enter the venue using Bluetooth technology. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and enter the venue, the barcode will appear. This is an option of activation that should mentioned by the event organizer in such a case.
Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?
No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. Tickets must be presented within the TIXnGO app or branded App. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the venue.
Can I send TIXnGO tickets at the venue?
Yes, you can send your ticket before they are activated. The tickets are activated some hours or minutes before the doors open. Usually, after activation you cannot send the tickets anymore.
What if I lose connectivity after I’ve retrieved my tickets?
If you have previously downloaded your tickets in TIXnGO app, then your tickets can be displayed without any Internet connection.
The ticket activation method (time, Bluetooth or manual) is generally different at each event.
Since connectivity may be intermittent at the venue, we encourage you to download your tickets to your device before heading to the venue.
What do I do if my mobile device’s battery dies?

Make sure you come to the venue with battery charged. You won’t be able to show your tickets with no batteries.
You can login with your credentials in another phone to retrieve your ticket and eventually transfer it to the account of a friend. Thus, you will collect your ticket and your friend’s tickets on the same phone and same account.
Some venues have phone chargers. Some venues have an onsite customer service that may help in this case.


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UK TOP Technology Group PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

UK TOP Technology Group PowerPoint Company Pitch Deck

Neal Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO of Panoply, one of UK’s TOP creative technology groups, assembled for innovation to solve complex business problems, assigned me the design of their company overview pitch deck. His feedback on the final result was brief but says it all: ‘That’s great!’

About Panoply

We are a digitally native technology services group, at the forefront of a growing market, focused on sustainable digital transformation and positive, purposeful organisational change.

We believe an increasingly complex world needs a new business model to achieve high impact outcomes for clients and their employees and more value for stakeholders.
We combine the dynamism and agility of smaller, expert teams with the scale to confidently address our clients’ most pressing needs as they navigate the rapidly changing nature of society and business.
FutureGov is a change agency, on a mission to design public services fit for the 21st century.
Using digital tools and design approaches of the digital age, we support health and public sector organisations through digital transformation and service design, to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.
Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with over 50 local authorities from Essex to Aberdeen; including Salford, North East Lincolnshire and Dorset Councils. We’re proud transformation partners with City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Homes England, helping build capacity to support 21st-century needs.
A foundry of Insights, Consulting and Delivery
foundry4 is a fresh new transformation business that works with organisations to help them thrive in the digital economy. Connecting insights, design, technology and data we accelerate growth and deliver sustainable change.
Combining the extensive technology and experience capabilities of NotBinary and Arthurly with the deep industry insight of DisruptionHub we help organisations across the private, public and health sectors to think differently and deliver more
We’re in an era of unprecedented change where the very fabric of society is being challenged.
From climate change to social mobility, to mass automation, we want to do the right thing for people, our communities and our environment.
We understand how important it is to have a workforce with different skills, perspectives and experiences.
Across the group, we are making sure that our workplaces are inclusive and supportive enough to attract the diversity of talent that will enable us to grow.
This year we undertook a baseline assessment to understand what the make-up of our business is and how we can do better. You can find our full results here.
We have set ourselves the targets below to achieve in our first 12 months. We will continue to measure, plan and improve our inclusivity policies until we are confident that we are achieving equality of opportunity at every level in the business.
One of the pillars of our Consistent Autonomy operating model is Culture of Cultures; we retain our individuality whilst delivering collectively. To enable this, we share a core set of values that inform and inspire those of our individual companies.


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California leading cannabis company pitch deck


The management of TransCanna, a leading California cannabis brand, assigned me the design of their company pitch deck. Their feedback on the final result:

‘We appreciate the great work Miroslav did for our company. The communication and the responsiveness are great as well.’

About TransCanna:

TransCanna Holdings, through its wholly-owned California subsidiaries (collectively “TransCanna”), seeks to contribute to the cannabis industry as a strategic vertically integrated acquisition company. All of our efforts and investments are made with the mission of adding value and quality in the brands and processes we innovate, develop, and operate in the cannabis industry. We do not seek to maintain; we seek to GROW. We are committed to becoming the seed of change, and to establish ourselves as the highest source of quality in cannabis products, processes, distribution, and development.

TransCanna™ is growing rapidly, we are now scaling the company to leverage our vertically integrated cannabis facility in Modesto California. It will be one of the largest cannabis facilities in the State with access to over 39 million residents and 240 million visitors per year. Recently, the company acquired two California companies, a high-end edible producer Soldaze and a premium indoor cultivator and distributer Lyfted Farms. Combining one of the largest cannabis production facilities with the brands and management teams from these acquisitions will make TransCanna™ a major opportunity for investors and partners alike.

For years, California dispensaries have been demanding fresh, high-quality cannabis. Until now, nobody has been able to supply what they need. Supplying California’s vast geographic area while navigating its state regulations has proven a barrier for out of state companies. TransCanna aims to change that. With a 196,000 square foot manufacturing and production facility and a solid distribution strategy, it is poised to serve the world’s largest cannabis market effectively. From there, the company will expand to all of North America and then full global operations.

The TransCanna™ difference

Through the acquisition of Lyfted Farms we have gained a team of skilled, brand focused artisans, led by Bob Blink, who have the expertise and industry knowledge needed to sustainably scale our operations in the largest cannabis market in North America.


We employ sustainable growing techniques with perfected-batch outputs to bring out the best quality of each and every plant. Our goal is to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor, and finest quality.


Our 196,000 sq. ft. facility has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that each step of the manufacturing process is done in a hyper-controlled environment as to not compromise the quality and consistency of our finished products.


Being centrally located in the biggest cannabis market in North America means that our products get to market in a timely manner maintaining their freshness and quality which is key to building brand loyalty with consumers and retailers.

Crop management

A growing revenue stream. Benefiting cannabis farming operations by tapping into our expertise in genetics, cultivation, integrated pest management, marketing, and conversion of crops into cash. Fees are assessed based on the level of activity and engagement required at each farm. Our custom farming agreements tailored to fit the needs of individual farms, assuring high quality cannabis flower for our supply chain.

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Security Technology Executive Summary Presentation


Cecilio Villeda, Founding Principal of NorthStar Security Holdings, assigned me the design of company's executive summary. His feedback:

'Our experience with Miroslav was great. We needed our presentation completed before the holidays. We contacted him a week before Christmas and he incredibly managed to deliver on time, with world class results. His work ethic and responsiveness is amazing. He is very affordable and you will have an infinite return, as the value is unmeasurable. He is truly an asset to everyone in his network.'

About NorthStar:

Our vision is to provide private security companies in the fragmented private security industry with leading edge practices and technologies in order to enhance their capabilities and to facilitate their accelerated growth. Our primary focus will be the following vertical markets: executive protection, commercial real-estate, residential, cooperate campuses, technology security etc.. The best security professionals will want to work with us because of who we are and what we represent in our respective communities. Resources will be better leveraged due to technologies.

Our objective is to execute an acquisition and development strategy that seeks to identify and optimize critical assets within the fragmented private security sector by way of enhancing operations and achieving high operating-margins with maximum cash flow. Increasing uncertain healthcare, political and social environments has resulted in significant demand for private security.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the “Defund the Police” movement has further increased security professionals’ desire to empower themselves and explore new alternatives to streamline and improve both the quality of the security and safety of the communities they serve. The time is ripe to set a new standard of quality service and innovation within the industry.

We are creating a unique culture combining a proactive and innovative approach towards implementing security operations and business processes, resulting in a reimagined interaction between work environment, guard productivity, technology implementation and customer experience.


Business Strategy

NorthStar will aggressively focus on providing state of the art training and will seek to proactively maintain exceptional standard operating procedures. We will actively solicit customer feedback and use it as a continuous improvement program. Equipping our security professionals with the best of practices, prioritizing safety and maintaining a free flow of information with our security professionals , will be a core operating principal. This system will allow NorthStar to attract top security talent.


NorthStar will expand and prioritize the integration of technology In its operations. Our focus will be to function as a one-stop solution. Public safety is our primordial purpose. Proactively identifying, preventing and mitigating threats makes remote video monitoring, drones and artificial intelligence imperative in this new normal. We will enhance our man-power with the most effective technology in order to provide un-matched service within the market-place.


By implementing computer software programs and GPS technology, we are now allowed to enhance management and customer satisfaction. Technology gives us the capability to leverage management by remotely managing staff through GPS and surveillance. We will   use GPS technology to increase transparency with our clients allowing them to locate and monitor guards through their smart phone or any device. We will use available software programs to efficiently enhance and streamline back office operations. CRMs, employee scheduling, taxes, employee certifications, payroll etc. will all be managed more efficiently and with less overhead.

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Luxury Intimate Skincare Line PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Luxury Intimate Skincare Line PowerPoint Investor Pitch Deck

Christine Marie Mason, Founder and CEO of the first luxury intimate skincare line, partnering with brands like Waldorf Astoria, assigned me the design of their investor pitch deck, which purpose was to attract financing for company’s global expansion.

About Rosebud

Intimate care products on the market have been limited to the theater of sexuality (designed for use with a sexual partner), or medicalized (designed for infections and acute medical issues). The few items that are available for wellness are targeted at mass market customers.
We deliver innovative, reverent intimate wellness products and information for all stages of a woman's life. Our flagship offerings are luxury vaginal and vulvar skincare formulations, with impeccable plant-derived ingredients. These are made for daily and specialty use, to meet the specific concerns and desires of women, and OBGYN-approved. The company upholds the highest standards for personal care with ecological and sustainable bases. Rosebud Woman is a family run, California-based company, with customers and retail partners in all 50 states.
We believe in women. We believe in the earth and in-plant wisdom. We exist to reduce suffering and create more joy. We offer products and information to support all of the cycles in a woman’s life: her lifecycle, her sexual cycle, her reproductive cycle, her seasonal cycle. We are a vehicle for respect for the feminine in the world.
Rosebud Woman was founded in 2017, after years of research into women's intimate care needs and formulations and solutions. At the end of 2018, we began selling our products online and eventually in stores.
Our founder, a yogi, tantrika, mother of 4 and grandmother, is also a tech founder and business leader. She says, "Rosebud Woman was created in response to a need to embrace and care for this part of our bodies, and to increase reverence for the feminine. Before Rosebud, intimate care products on the market were limited to the theater of sexuality (designed for use with a sexual partner), or medicalized (designed for infections and acute medical issues). We introduced a new category: intimate wellness for a woman's own benefit."
After extensive research, Rosebud Woman formulated four products to address the top concerns women have, and crafted content to support educating and inspiring women to rethink their own attitudes toward their bodies.
Our team shares common values and the right combination of experience in beauty, women's health, plant medicine, design, e-commerce women's advocacy, retail and marketing came together. Our scientists and chemists are leaders in independent skincare formulation, allopathic and alternative medicine. Our advisors are physicians and wellness professionals. Together, our commitment to feminine reverence has led us to create the best in intimate self-care.
It's all been much more than we could have imagined. In the process of evolving and learning, we became aware of the mass denial of the greater pelvic region and its care in conversation and culture, and committed to changing the conversation to one of transparency, play, self love, reverence, knowledge and enjoyment. We raised our eyes to a new prize: how could we channel resources to organizations acting for equity in the more difficult places in the gender equation at the same time? We also wanted to make sure we were building a business that was part of the planet. How could we make our products as organic and sustainably as possible?
By the end of 2019, we are happy to have customers in all 50 states, and of all ages and stages of life. Rosebud Woman can be found in some of the most prestigious retailers, independent beauty stores, spas, ob/gyn offices and more. We get amazing letters from women who love our products and tell us how much it has impacted them. We are embedded in a network of makers and creators and conveners who believe in women.
It's an honor and privilege to serve the message of loving all of you, from head to toe.



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Biotechnology Marketing PowerPoint Pitch Deck

Biotechnology Marketing PowerPoint Pitch Deck

Matthew Jones, CCO of Dyadic, a global leader in C1 production, a Fungal Gene Expression Platform, who concluded a deal with DuPont for $75M for their industrial technology, assigned me design of their Marketing Pitch Deck. His feedback on the result:

'Miroslav is a pleasure to work with and keen to help support. Rapidly able to deploy design support to help corporate presentations and tidy up public materials. Miroslav is a fast learner - turning his hand of design to help your business more strongly present itself.'
About Dyadic

The rich history of Dyadic represents a microcosm of how modern biotechnology is revolutionizing science, medicine, agriculture, and engineering to improve how we feed, fuel, and heal the world.
Going forward we intend to focus on the pharmaceutical industry which we have long believed is one of the most attractive opportunities in which to apply the C1 technology.  We believe that the C1 technology platform has the potential to be a safe and efficient expression system to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies speed up the development and lower the cost of manufacturing biologic vaccines and drugs to bring more affordable treatments to a greater number of patients, while helping to ease the burden biologic drugs are having on patients and the global healthcare systems, but most importantly saving lives.
For Dyadic, the journey can be described as going from “Jeans to Genes”: pioneering the use of pumice stones to stonewash blue jeans in the early 1980s, shifting along with the industry to enzymes in the middle of the decade, then beginning a new journey with the discovery of a filamentous fungal strain, nicknamed C1, suitable for producing cellulase and other enzymes in the early 1990s.  Over the next two decades, Dyadic has built the knowledge, expertise, molecular tools, and technology needed to create and commercialize one of the world’s premiere gene expression systems, the C1 Technology Platform.  During C1’s development, we identified two serendipitous mutations:  the first changed the morphology of our organism, resulting in high productivity and better growth conditions;  the second created our C1 White StrainTM, which allows for the production of purer enzymes and other proteins at high productivity.
On December 31, 2015 Dyadic sold substantially all the assets of its Industrial Technology business to DuPont’s Industrial Biosciences business for US$75 million in cash. Following completion of the transaction, Dyadic intends to focus exclusively on its biopharmaceutical business.     DuPont has granted back to Dyadic co-exclusive rights to the C1 technology for use in human and animal pharmaceutical applications, with exclusive ability to enter into sub-license agreements in that field.
The combination of a portion of the proceeds from the US$75 million DuPont transaction and additional industry and government funding that will be sought are expected to provide Dyadic with the ability to focus on and accelerate the further development and optimization of the C1 technology in the area of biopharmaceuticals.  In addition, the unique attributes of C1 may create attractive licensing opportunities through operational efficiencies and reduced requirements for licensee capital expenditures.
With the speed of advancements in synthetic genomics and biotechnology, which some experts say is happening faster than Moore’s Law, it is vital to bridge the gap between high yield, low cost, large scale industrial biotechnology, and low yield, high cost, small scale biopharmaceuticals.  We believe C1 can help bridge this gap and we are now starting to introduce this breakthrough technology to the biopharmaceutical industry.
Dyadic today is still led by its pioneering founder, and its management team has a unique mix of established industry veterans.


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Talent Optimization PowerPoint Presentation

Talent Optimization PowerPoint Presentation

David Nast, CEO and Managing Partner of Nast Partners, a Predictive Index Certified Partner, assigned me design of their presentation on Talent Optimization and Return On Individuals. His feedback on the result:

'Not only was Miroslav's presentation exactly what we requested, he exceeded our expectations in every way, and he was so fast! Every update, every request, met with lightning speed and absolute perfection. Miroslav's work has helped take us to the next level with our presentations. I cannot recommend Miroslav highly enough- he does amazing work! Thank you, Miroslav for your hard work, expertise, and speedy response time.'

About Nast Partners

Empowering organizations to align around analytics, not opinions.

Are you guessing when you could be measuring? Guessing about your organization’s ability to execute strategy? Guessing how much a salesperson will sell against quota? Guessing how a candidate will impact team dynamics? Great instincts are invaluable, but they’re not enough. Here’s how to stop guessing. Nast Partners uses artificial intelligence, workforce analytics, and science backed data to help you to stop guessing and to erase bias in your talent and execution decisions.

Nast Partners empowers organizations to align around analytics, not opinions, to help businesses increase bottom-line profits and improve their ROI (Return on Individuals). We provide the analytics and support to help organizations achieve their goals. We deliver real-time data to uncover hidden vulnerabilities that cause problems and prevent teams from getting over the finish line.

Nast Partners has over 60 years of experience in Human Capital Management, Leadership Development, Talent Optimization, Executive Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Training, Talent Management, Executive Search, Talent Development, and Change Management. Our team is comprised of Award-Winning & ICF-Certified Coaches.

Nast Partners uses artificial intelligence, workforce analytics, and science-backed data to help businesses stop guessing and erase bias in their talent & execution decisions.
Nast Partners utilizes a scientifically validated management solution that integrates workforce analytics and human capital development for talent optimization. Our goal is to change the conversation about employee behavior in the workplace by helping leaders get discretionary effort from their employees: Moving those employees from the liability side of the balance sheet into the asset column because they are truly an investment, not an expense.

Nast Partners are trusted business advisors who provide the highest levels of applied experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and service. We engage with organizations for strategic execution development, talent optimization, leadership development, exit strategy preparation, succession planning, career pathing, sales team transformations, and strategic workforce planning.
Predict how much your salespeople will sell against quota

Do you run a sales team of more than 100? PreceptionPredict.ai is the cutting edge method to hire and select the best salespeople. Utilizing human-centered data-driven A.I. models built on insights from your organization’s human attributes and performance data, we accurately predict a team member’s expected future performance in the KPI’s that matter to you: Revenue generated, units sold, appointments scheduled before you hire them. We don’t replace your role in the hiring process, we simply empower you to make the best-informed decision.
Backed by nearly 70 years of science, Predictive Index is driven by people data. When business leaders measure people data, they’re empowered to make objective decisions rather than subjective ones. While it’s true that people are complex, that’s no excuse to just accept the status quo. With the right people data in hand, Predictive Index reveals the way people behave and interact in organizations is in fact predictable given the business context.
Predictive Index is a web-based solution that allows you to collect, analyze, and apply predictive data to your most critical business challenges on demand. We also offer robust integrations to industry-leading human resource information systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automate the process of applying workforce analytics more easily.
The Predictive Index Solution is not just an assessment; it is part of a philosophy that changes how companies think about talent.
People-related issues can tear at the fabric of a company, eating away at even the most solid foundation built on the best products or services. On the talent acquisition front, making a bad hire can cost you through potential earnings, replacement costs, ineffectiveness, or worse, as a drain on morale. From a management perspective, ineffective leadership can result in stagnant growth, bungled initiatives, and even corporate collapse. Attrition, team dysfunction, failed acquisitions or strategic initiatives, and lack of productivity are all directly attributable to lack of leadership, mismanagement of people, and/or not putting the right people in the right roles.


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Content Security Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

 Content Security Company PowerPoint Pitch Deck

Christopher Levy, the CEO of BuyDRM, a leading global provider of DRM and Content Security Services for the media, entertainment, enterprise and transportation industries, assigned me the design of their company pitch deck, which they will use in events and webinars. 

About BuyDRM: 

BuyDRM™ is a leading global provider of multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and hospitality industries. The KeyOS Multi-DRM platform powers many of the largest brands in media and technology. In 2018, Frost & Sullivan awarded BuyDRM the 2018 Global Content Protection Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Since 2001, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories for many of today’s largest brands including ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC iPlayer, BBC Studios, BBC iPlayer Radio, Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Sony New Media Solutions, Sony Crackle, The Academy (AMPAS), TubiTV, Showtime and Zee5.
OTT operators, television networks, movie studios, gaming sites and premium content distributors use the BuyDRM award-winning KeyOS Multi-DRM Platform to provide robust content security for their streaming and downloadable video. Customers include Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts (AMPAS), ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds, Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Rakuten Viki, Sony New Media Solutions, Sony Pictures, Showtime and Zee5.
Our Founder and CEO, Christopher Levy, is widely recognized as an expert among DRM companies in the Digital Rights Management and Streaming Media industries. As a digital media pioneer, Levy produced many of the "firsts" in streaming media, working with the largest artists and brands in media to deliver live webcasts and large on-demand libraries of content. BuyDRM's CTO and co-founder, Andrew Popov, is also widely regarded as a world-leading expert in the field of Cryptography, Content Security and DRM. Both Christopher and Andrew provide DRM insight on TheDRMBlog.com and various industry events, panels and published articles.

We have rolled out support for CONVIVA Analytics and Advertising Support for a variety of popular advertising mult-play formats (VAST, VMAP, MAST, VPAID).

The KeyOS™ MultiPlay™ SDKs support Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay DRMs. Smooth Streaming, DASH and HLS are supported multi DRM formats.

The KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs are pre-integrated with the iOS native media player. For Android, the service includes an integrated hardened media player as well as all the necessary integration documentation and support. Most popular playback functions are supported and we add new functions and features regularly.

Our Service exposes an API for iOS application integration. On Android, an additional JAVA API is provided for application integration. You receive downloadable OS-specific binaries to compile with your device application(s) before you distribute them to your customers.

The downloadable DRM technology available with the KeyOS MultiPlay SDKs complies with Microsoft PlayReady robustness and compliance rules. The Multi-DRM payload is protected with code obfuscation and validation as well as other anti-tampering mechanisms.

Robust and scalable industry-standard license key delivery selected by 350+ customers in more than 120 countries.

Scalable, secure and short deployment window. Designed for Docker deployment on Windows and Linux.

Software licensing model with annual support and maintenance.

The KeyOS™ MultiKey™ Server supports wide array of popular playback platforms, desktops, devices, smart TVs and consoles. Including playback support of content packaged by a broad array of +50 KeyOS Encryption Key API partners in the cloud, on-premise, via hardware or software.

This software licensed solution enables in-network, on-premise, in-cloud, support for delivering DRM license keys to broad array of popular consumer platforms and devices using widely-supported commercial DRMs. The KeyOS MultiKey Server can be installed on hardware and in network and location of your choice. In conjunction with the KeyOS MultiPack Server, users can deliver license keys to encrypted content processed by the KeyOS MultiPack Server. KeyOS MultiKey Server and Service also support playback of content packaged by a broad array of +50 KeyOS Encryption Key API partners in the cloud, on-premise, via hardware or software.

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