10 Stylish Ways to Rock a Mumu Dress This Summer

mumu Dress

The mumu dress, also known as a muumuu, is a loose, flowing dress that exudes comfort and style. Originating from Hawaii, this garment is ideal for summer due to its airy, lightweight design that makes for comfortable, breezy wear in warm weather. As the summer sun casts a radiant glow, it's time to rejuvenate your wardrobe with this laid-back staple. Here, we bring you ten chic ways to style a mumu dress this summer.

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  1. Pair with Espadrilles

Espadrilles, with their casual yet sophisticated appeal, perfectly complement the carefree spirit of a mumu dress. Opt for a colorful, patterned dress and balance the look with natural-toned espadrilles. This outfit is perfect for beach outings or a casual lunch date.

  1. Layer with a Denim Jacket

Give your mumu a chic, edgy twist by layering it with a cropped denim jacket. This adds a bit of structure to the look and offers a contrast to the fluidity of the dress. Pair it with a straw tote and you're ready for a stylish day out.

  1. Belt it up

An effortless way to add shape and define your waistline while wearing a mumu dress is to add a belt. Consider a wide, boho-chic belt for an easy, stylish upgrade. Pair this look with gladiator sandals for a bohemian twist.

  1. Accessorize with Bold Jewelry

Given the mumu dress's simplicity, it's a perfect canvas for showing off your favorite statement jewelry. Be it oversized hoops, chunky necklaces, or layered bracelets, bold jewelry pieces can transform your mumu into an eye-catching ensemble.

  1. Mix with Sneakers

Contrast the feminine, breezy vibe of your mumu dress with a pair of sneakers. This unexpected pairing is not only comfortable but adds a trendy, sporty edge to your look. Finish with a backpack or a cross-body bag for a day of exploration.

  1. Opt for a Head Scarf

Embrace the ultimate summer vibe by pairing your mumu dress with a head scarf. Choose a scarf with vibrant colors or playful prints to add a pop of color. This not only keeps your hair out of your face on breezy beach days, but it also injects a dose of personality to your outfit.

  1. Make it Formal with Heels

Who said mumu dresses are only for casual occasions? Dress yours up with a pair of elegant heels and a classy clutch. Look for a mumu in luxe fabric or with a beautiful print to elevate the style quotient.

  1. Try a Kimono or Shrug

To add an extra layer of style to your mumu dress, try adding a lightweight kimono or shrug. This is an excellent way to add dimension to your look and transition your outfit from day to night. Choose a piece that contrasts or complements the color and pattern of your mumu dress.

  1. Pair with a Wide-Brim Hat

Channel your inner bohemian goddess by pairing your mumu dress with a wide-brim hat. Not only does it offer protection from the sun, but it also adds an element of chic sophistication to your look. Stick to neutral tones like beige, tan, or black to maintain a balanced look.

  1. Accessorize with a Cross-body Bag

Finally, pairing your mumu dress with a cross-body bag is a functional and fashionable choice. Opt for a leather bag for a more polished look, or go for a wicker or woven style for a beach-ready outfit.


While the mumu dress is a simple, relaxed piece of clothing, it offers limitless potential for stylish summer outfits. By adding thoughtful accessories, layering strategically, and mixing in unexpected elements, you can transform a basic mumu dress into a fashionable summer outfit that's comfortable and chic. Remember, fashion is about expressing your unique personality, so don't be afraid to experiment and make these looks your own. Embrace the summer season in style with these ten chic ways to rock a mumu dress. Enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the endless fashion possibilities that come with this versatile piece.